10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina (Ep 101) "Back To Being Single" Part 1


  1. I just found this channel…. OMGoodness! I have subscribed. I hope yall are still doing the show. Infidelity is not our issue…but we do have 'something'…. we are now fighting for our marriage and working to become whole individually. Thank you!!

  2. LOVE THIS! I agree, I'm totally enjoying my relationship with God getting healing, purpose ext. I know God is helping my other half do the same.

    Thank you guys for showing just because you start off wrong don't mean you have to end wrong πŸ”₯

  3. i didnt have sex for ten years before i got married we didnt have sex until we got married things were good and all then i start here no to many times i love my wife im getting help now try to save my marriage Ted i didnt cheat physical but talking to other woman and px sharing that killed me is there any way you can help me

  4. We never know when and how GOD will use us and I'm so sorry that your trial was so painful, BUT when I tell you how good your VICTORY is in the name of Jesus. You are helping MULTITUDES OF PEOPLE learn how to have a lasting relationships & COUPLES save their blessed marriages. Sometimes, most of the time, we don't learn how to have healthy relationships. Think about all the woman that grew up in a single parent household or without GOD in the home or grew up with dysfunction. We never learned how to have healthy relationships and so we go in blind and ignorant. I'm on my 3rd marriage because I didn't know how to be a wife. I"m just learning. I was raised by a strong single black woman and I've always modeled that behavior. There's no place for single or strong in a marriage, but it was all i knew. Now, because of your brave testimony, I have a point of reference as a married woman of GOD. My husband has a mentor in Teddy and an example to follow. I am forever grateful to you for allowing GOD to use you for his kingdom. I feel better now than I did the day I said "I DO" because I have tools with my joy. I'm not just hoping it will be okay, I know it will. We were almost 2 years in when infidelity hit and I didn't know what to do outside of pray. I was so hurt and angry, I was blinded in my journey. Now that the initial sting has stung, I was able to ask, seek and find. From the fullness of my heart, Thank you!

  5. Thank you Ted and Tina Campbell!
    May the Lord Our God continue to bless you and use you for his Glory! Keep on keeping on in The Mighty Name Of Jesus! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  6. the only problem I have with this video is that you guys didn't mention that the Holy Ghost is what makes you hold in a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost is what makes you holy oh, it's the gift that assures a relationship with Jesus. It's the ticket, it's the key thing! It's the only connection to God that will assure us participation in the resurrection!

  7. Thank you for sharing based on BIBLE and LIFE! THAT WAS SO GOOD!!!! Very straight forward and realistic, no sugar covering. Thank you so much for acknowledging the uneven yokes". Wow!!!

  8. Look at God !!! His Grace has brought life to this marriage and what the devil meant for bad, God turn it to their good. Now they are being a blessing to many. Praise His Holy Name. There's hope in every broken marriage πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  9. Thank you guys so much for this I am single and God has been working on me for sometime now so this gives me even more hope and faith that what is mine is mine all in due time πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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