10 Reasons why Empaths are not afraid of Being single


  1. it takes years to heal from heartbreak, dont make the mistake of starting something new before you heal, it doesnt make the hurt go away it only masks it.

  2. I am in a decades old relationship of which in the last few yrs my eyes have been opened to this person who is a gaslighting emotionally manipulative covert Narc to the Max. I am now on to him and do everything I need to self care of myself. He’s robbed himself even now most ppl would not believe me. Anyway I lost everything and everyone near and dear to me believing and trusting in this person.
    I can’t leave at this time but I am committed but detached and have set boundaries. That this narc is always trying to Beak down.
    And this persons now a demented mind. What a nightmare. Yet they are still the same jerk they’ve always been. Thinking they are going to get what they had in me back.
    Just yesterday I almost got traped into letting this narc rob me of this enjoyment of an important thing for my well being.
    They have always underhandedly tryed to rob me of everything I was interested in. Am I the only sucker to these types???
    But this narc made a comment which woke me up to their emotional manipulation Never agin will I allow myself to be in that same space that is mine. And if this narc shows up I will run. Not walk away. Sometimes I have to lock myself away from them. I try to always lock doors behind me

  3. I'm not an open book. I say I'm very open but when I go out on a date I'm just listening but when they ask questions of me I don't want to talk. I don't want to be judged. I wouldn't even know how to begin to explain myself or any past things that's happened to me. I'm not there to talk about me and my sorrows or any past bad relationships. I just want to start out on a good foot. I don't want someone to feel sorry for me. I don't want my past to completely be off key with the beginning of them. I tend to think too much. I can't sleep at night without things going on and on in my head about what he or she said. Just a little things hurt my feelings but I keep it hid. before I put myself into too much of a relationship I want to know about them and if I can open up just a little bit. And the last one that didn't last but a few months because everything about him was a narcissist and I seem to attract these type of people. I hate that about myself. I feel free being by myself. There's no one there to control my feelings about anything. I like that part of being to myself. The freedom. When someone interferes and that part of me or makes fun of my open spirit and tears me down oh, I just want to walk away forever and I have anything to do with them. I don't give up right away but as time goes on and I'll learn about that person I tend to back off. it's like I don't want them into my little world. I don't like it that when I say that I'm open and very spiritual or that I can detect things, they Like the last relationship he made fun of my way and I closed completely down. when I dated the narcissist he forgot that I had mentioned that I listened very closely and that I read body language and listen to every word. everything that I've stated I don't want drama or a negative situation in my life and that I want to start out new Oh, they begin to get me all upset and worked out. I walk and I don't want to turn back but it's not that I won't lose sleep over it and I have to keep telling myself I couldn't handle it any other way but then to just get back into my own little world. I feel safer there.

  4. Little bit of bitterness and judgement on this one, lol. Too sensitive is a stigma phrase. Highly sensitive is what we are and it's a gift. Saying someone is "too" anything is putting them down. I never parent my partners, buddy, LMAO. And cinema? That's way left field. A strong and trained Empath knows their worth and isn't afraid of being in a relationship, but has standards. They aren't going to waste energy on anything false.

  5. Iwhat you are saying resonates clearly with me, but the constant drawing and writing makes me feel like i need to take notes but cant keep up. Lose the drawings, you text is golden.

  6. It’s less painful than dealing with narcissists and fake people. Yes it does. It’s been three years and it’s a struggle when I come in contact with someone who has the traits that reopen the wound.

  7. I've tried to replace a ex with another, knowing it won't work. Then I have another breakup to get over. I'm needy. Clingy. I guess I'm the backwards empath lol but, the rest was on point

  8. Yes very true, I don't mind being single, I'm at the point where I don't even want to be in a relationship because I just want to be left alone and it's hard to have genuine loyal people in my life this goes for friendships also. I shut down completely once I know someone is a liar. Trust is gone forever. I turn inward and quiet and quietly disengage or disappear forever❤️

  9. Thanks for helping me! I appreciate you❤ I sent this to my brother & my boyfriend, so much easier then telling them how I feel. Positive Love coming your way!

  10. Yes this info is vital if you want to get closer to me. Why are my walls so thick and impenetrable? Because when I pulled back because I didn't feel safe men continued to violate me. I asked for proof of their feelings and got a TKO. NEVER AGAIN.🎨🌈🌅🗻💔🤒🦋

  11. I find your videos about empaths so helpful. I always felt out of place. I felt misunderstood and these kinds of videos help me understand why. They're just so helpful for me in life. I'm so thankful for these videos.

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