108 Little Things to Appreciate about being Single.


  1. I can't stand people making demands on me. I spend time with other humans, and find myself fantasizing about when I can be alone again…in the back of my mind I'm always planning my escape. Then, suddenly a lot of time has gone by, and you realize being single has become a habit. And, the older you get, the more slim the pickings are…really, I've never minded being alone, but when I am, it does bother me that it bothers everyone who cares about me, they think I can't possibly be happy. And I guess people who don't know me well think there must be something really wrong with me. Ha. Maybe there is. Who cares?

  2. For the amount of time I have invested in relationships, I have learned that it's not so awful being single. There are self healing benefits to doing whatever you want when and as you want to. I've learned so much more about my true boundaries and dislikes from being in the wrong marriage. I will keep the faith that things can be much better next time and I will stay true to not fitting in to a pattern of usury or complacency.

  3. That was very insightful. I could never find the words to describe why being single felt awful. But you're right. It makes me feel like I'm a failure. While being financially and/ or academically successful are things, I believe being romantically successful is also important which is why I felt like there was something wrong with me. I am still trying to appreciate being single.

  4. Thanks Waylon, I have recently become single. It is a new space and one I am getting used to. Thanks for the clarity and sharing from your heart. Hope to see you at Hampton's YogaFest this year!!

  5. I am the opposite. When I first become single, then I'm insecure. But the longer I'm single, the happier I am, and the more I enjoy my freedom & don't want to be in a relationship.

  6. I dunno man..  Being single isn't an insult from the universe as you mention, it's just.. being single..  Being single is not the same as being alone either.  You can be single and still have lots of friends and great relationships. When you're single, if you're bored, find stuff to not be bored. Maybe the problem is you don't have enough hobbies. I have tons of hobbies, and I'd still like to try a new one that looks like tons of fun, kiteboarding.  However, hobbies and having fun and even having friends can only fill the void so much. If you want to share your life AND have intimacy with someone else, I don't think you can replace that human experience with single people stuff. It's possible to love yourself and your friends and still be LONELY. Not every couple has perfect relationship, but some do really enjoy spending time together. I think it's okay to be jealous of couples. Being in a good relationship is really special and rewarding! I wish I was in one!

  7. I try to appreciate the benefits of being single (although I've been single for basically all my life), but oftentimes I am overcome with sadness when I see how happy people are when they are together. I can't seem to get out of this slump. 🙁

  8. Actually, I've been thinking about it. I have lots to share. I do need to carefully study your guidelines. I'm not even a semi professional writer, but my experience would help others. So little is available to the grieving widower. Thank you.

  9. After becoming a widower since 1/10/14, I'm experiencing this all over again. Yoga, meditation and this frame of mind that you speak about are helping me cope. Thanks for tackling this topic, as there are so many of us in the same boat as you.

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