1. Being in a relationships just cuz, like by inertia, is such a foreign concept to me. I'm constantly looking for that and can never get anyone, even with lowered standards, to want to be with me.

  2. Let go of the fear of being single forever? I'm not afraid of being single forever! No, not at all. We will all be single forever in Heaven, but while we're here on Earth I want to be single for the duration!

  3. I’ve gone past the fear …now it’s just the crushing depression and longing for a quick and painless death to wipe the universe clean of my empty life.

  4. 1. As a woman you're peak sexual market place value to a straight man is 18 to 25. 2. Men are biologically hardwired to youth, beauty, fertility and femininity. 3. Be pleasant to be around.

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