8 Perks Of Being Single


  1. For guys, not having to be responsibles for anything (other than spreading their genes as needed).
    For girls, fulfilling the job nature intended, procreate and have someone to protect the family. 😊

  2. Been with my wife for almost 9 years and married for a little over 6 and were about to start the process of a divorce. Going to be different to be single again

  3. Imagine having a desire to do something out of your own free will. Imagine being able to realize that decision by going and doing it. Whether it's doing something that other people will laugh at you for, or just doing something to get away from everyone, or just doing something at the spur of the moment. Anytime you want to do that thing, you have to consult someone else who you have chosen to have a small bit of a say in how you run your life and whether you're allowed to be happy.

    Be single and ONLY get into a relationship when you're finished making your own decisions. Too many people get in a relationship when they're not ready to lose a part of their individuality and it hurts everyone when you finally snap.

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