8 Reasons Being Single in Your Teens is the Best


  1. 1. So… I wont be with them
    2. I have no where to go in the first place
    3. No friends that close
    4. I want to date
    5. No
    6. He's buying so…
    7. I love double dates they are fun
    8. You don't know me

  2. I agree..
    It's just waste of time…..we have got just one life……live it to the fullest…..live it with yourself..!
    I don't know about others but, you can say i am selfish…..cuz i don't want to share my life with anyone…..how can i share a gift(life) with anyone….!

  3. This totally rocks! A lot of my girl squad is dating someone, so they always try to pair me up with a guy so I can date someone to. This video said sooooooo many things I tell them every day so they can get off my back.

  4. Honestly I HELLA agree with this. I was pretty much never single since I got my first boyfriend at 14 and we've been together ever since, BUT I honestly wish I had waited to date him because my entire teenage years was spent with only one guy and I didn't get to have many "first dates". So guys please enjoy your teenage years and just know that you will eventually find someone and there is no rush!

  5. I love Maddy. She's one of the only girls who host online shoes, who I don't find annoying lol. She makes things entertaining to watch

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