Be Happy Being Single (or in a Relationship)...Just Be Happy


  1. I can improve myself until I'm dead and i will still have room for improvement. I agree that finding contentment in every part of life is crucial to not being a negative person

  2. Honesty I been single all my life and I'm tired of it.
    I even though of working on myself try to learn new things.
    Try reading self help book. I try so many things. So far it's been a bad year.

  3. I have stayed celibate And single for 4 years ; ) I enjoy many walks, travels, meals and memories of my own. I did have a desire for companionship for a while but only for sexual reasons but I restrained and I am so glad I did. Self respect is paramount to me as many people look towards me for guidance and I want to be an example to myself and to set one for them. I don't need sex. I did want to have one more child but I think that has passed now. I have Never been as Happy as I am right now. I don't want my emotions toyed with, I don't want to have to pretend to like my in-laws, or my boyfriends friends or worrying about their mental state, financial affairs, bodily odor or their clothes all over the floor. I pick up and go whenever I please! I've never really Wanted a relationship with anyone I just pursued them because THAT was what I saw "Life" was. But it's not, not for me anyway : ) I am Ever so Grateful for all the peace n quiet I have every day that gives me time to focus on what REALLY is important. Being true to myself, loving those close to me and being there for others as well as cherishing memories of my travels and all the beautiful moments are honestly the only things valuable to me. I am a healer and very Spiritual, not religious but I address my Spiritual well-being every single day to make sure I am "doing my part" in regards to society as a whole. Having a partner? Is definitely something that does not interest me in the slightest anymore and that is Ok : ) Being there for yourself through rough times and being there for others is what brings me the most joy and I don't want any distractions From that. So if you are single and Happy too? Bless you and welcome to the Independent Dream ~ ox

  4. I always give you a huge thumbs up before even watching your videos because I know that they'd be good/great/amazing/perfect and to the point. And I've been right every single time. 😁😁😁

  5. Thank you for this. You have no idea how immensely this change the perspective of looking at my life. I learned that it's better for me to freaking love who I am. This is what I just needed ❀️

  6. Very good advice. I also hear you about justΒ  enjoying the date. I used to date someone who never wanted to discuss a future that much. I knew in my heart it was over, so I just went out once for the date with him until I found someone else.Β  Because I didn't chat about having a future with him on that date, guess what?Β  He started talking about a future, could not shut up about it, and kept going on and on.Β  However, by that time, I was not interested in him anymore.Β  Yep, DO love yourself and ENJOY the heck out of life.Β  It's EXTREMELY precious.

  7. For so long I had this picture of what I wanted my life to be like and how it had to be perfect which led to much disappointment but lately I have found so much happiness in just living and letting things happen…this video was a nice reminder that being truly happy can bring so much confidence to a person!

  8. This was lovely and oh so true =)
    I said to myself today that I just need to decide to be happy and things will fall back into place again – what a daunting decision but so necessary!
    My biggest problem is probably procrastination when it comes to the self work…. I lack follow through – any tips?

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