Being a Single Mother in Japan | THE VOICELESS #33


  1. Ok, being a single mom out of a failed marriage is a understandable situation. But those who choose to give birth while no partner is around don’t have my compassion.

  2. 僕はこの美しい女性がすぐに彼女自身を回復し、彼女を深く愛し男、彼女と彼女の娘を非常によく扱うことができる人を見つけられることを願っています。 神のご加護を!


  3. The Japanese words for " single mother" is an English phrase ,I find that curious .single Parenthood must be be either very uncommon in Japan or very well repressed . She's rather brave .

  4. You are gorgeous be strong always and take care of yourself and daughter you are a warrior in my eyes.
    William Percival
    Gardenia Band
    New Zealand 🇳🇿

  5. Hope she finds a real man one day, that will take care of her and treat her with utmost respect and raise her daughter to be a strong women. I'm sure she will try finding love again one day. That man will be waiting for her. It's just a matter of her finding that man. Which may be hard, since half of Japan would fall for her.

  6. The travesty here is that if more Japanese women had children at 20 their future would look a lot less bleak. Japanese men need to put pride aside, grow a pair and learn to protect and care for women like this.

  7. Nope japanese culture is way better. Yes it is sad to somewhat shame single mothers but is also good for the future. Look at USA and there failure with single mothers, kids and what these people become.

  8. She had her share of unhappiness, abuse and getting cheated of and i sincerely hope the next guy whom she's comfortable with is able to accept her disorder and be faithful to her treating her well if things progress… And hope she doesn't suffer from beatings ever again, that's just bad.

  9. why guess is either she married someone she wasn't good enough for or married someone below her but was too scared to tell him she didn't want to have sex in the marriage because he wasn't handsome enough

  10. She is really doing her best in life. I am also diagnosed as “bipolar”, I am also a single mother who went through similar experience as her, cheated by boyfriend during pregnancy. i like what she said in the end. We learn more about ourselves and life after what challenges we had faces. I am a happy mom just like her. Wish her all the best.

  11. In my opinion she really need a religion and someone who can bring her to becoming a positive person and i think she doesn't get enough attention from her family i thought…

  12. Everythings makes sense now.

    She's young, beutiful, and has good career, but she through so much in her live such abusing boyfriend, and cheating husband. no wonders she destroyed inside.

    And those eyes, i can see it in her eyes, all her suffering, difficulties, and emptiness. Her eyes look so empty wondering "what it's missing?" She keep on searching but she don't know what "the things" she looking for…

    I know those eyes really well.

    After hearing her story makes me wanna marry her and treat her better…

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