Being married VS. Being Single | Drew Barth | Dry Bar Comedy


  1. I feel like the shower part is really accurate not for just single guys, but for single girls as well. As a woman and as a bachelorette, it happens to me quite often as well lol

  2. Lol never before have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with. Remembering the days of being single… Yeah, my simpleton thought process has completely returned to memory..

  3. Just so you know Drew, even women will do the "Shampoo Cocktail" because we usually wait to get married to buy at Sams or Costco, But we usually do have froo froo more expensive shampoo and conditioner usually; but hey, it is always a back-up! Also, now because Dollar Tree exists, I buy their Baby Shampoo version…you can use it to shampoo, soap, and if you love baths; use it to make bubble baths and you'll smell better than "Blueberry Conditioner", ha,, ha! For the Singles Out There: The Dollar Tree ideas of using things for more than one type of use are endless. Toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex-type tissues, napkins, flushable baby wipes…$6 and change for tax…can all be used for more than their supposed-designated reason; especially for toilet paper and a few baby wipes can be used as a soap. Hide the baby wipes and baby shampoo when you have a gal coming over though, if your single or don't have a baby! And if they ask why you smell like a baby; tell them you've been babysitting your sister's or brother's baby for them (bonus points right there!) The gal will think you the smartest man she knows, because you'll actually have things most single women do, but most single guys don't…napkins and paper towels! Drew, you're funny and clean (when you don't shower with your wife)…love it and keep up the funny!

  4. Any man that marries in the west today is a complete buffoon. Marriage is a statistical sucker's bet for men. With almost nothing to gain and literally everything to lose that in an odds game based on a cost-benefit analysis is a total sucker's bet

  5. I love taking a shower with my woman. She doesn't hog the hot water. We are both under the water pretty much the entire time. We both find it very sensual to clean each other. So hot

  6. I'm sort of a prepper. I NEVER run out of ANYTHING! Having 3 pallets of toilet paper, 80 lbs of soap, 20 lbs of toothpaste and canned food for 3 months is ALOT cheaper than getting a woman…

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