Being Single


  1. been single all my life. thought i had boyfriends in the past but i was the only one in the relationships i was supposed to be in…i like being single but it is lonely at times. always wondered what is would be like if someone loved me back as much as i loved them. but thats life

  2. I rather enjoy my independence because of what I have experienced. There are times where I wish I had a significant other but I also know that I don't need one. If the right person comes along then great if not at least I can learn to enjoy life without someone by my side and hopefully get to travel and experience what else life has to offer. 

  3. Lol lawd I have watched your videos for the last 7 years, To cope with being single is to find activities to do. Usually you find someone who fits in like a puzzle piece. go out and do activities you enjoy. But normally its just a good thing to pass the time with something you enjoy- if you cant stand being alone and loving your own self and life then you need to do that first before a girl. Added on: my Ultimate Sammich I ever made is the Chedder Ciabatta Bread, With garlic cream cheese on each inside piece, Fresh mozzerella Cheese, pepperoni, delux roast beef, roasted red tomatoes, and italian seasoning toasted. The pepperoni adds a spice kick when you toast it. 😀

  4. So I was a brainwashed on pussy control and I freed myself from it and for the first time I feel so free and stuff man I do want a relationship but I've only been around hoes and a real gal to tame my wild has not came to me yet so I'm living life and realizing some key things females are expensive you gotta spend money on them they tell you what to do they have double standards but mainy shimmy is right I like being single until i find a legendary i'm staying single.

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