Being Single Again


  1. i just realized you have jonathan wong as the groom! He was recently in the hk drama airport strikers and I was in love with his character! OMG I just saw this now ahhh please tell me how u got him in your video he's an amazing artist and actor!!!!

  2. Leenda, you are one of the most artistic intellectual influencers on Youtube PERIOD! Which is why I would like to make you an Honorary Administrator Of Black Anime Royale. Congratulations, you've earned it. Btw, this chocolate brothah thinks you're soo BEW! TEE! FULL!

  3. I'm just 25 but people always keep asking me "where's your boyfriend?" "when will you get married?" "girls at your same age have 2 kids already"… That's too much

  4. im so proud of u!! ive been watching u for a while now and you’ve come so far. i could always relate to u bc of ur humor and we’re both vietnamese. thank u for making videos that helped me escape when i was stressed out. can’t wait to see where u go next. 💞

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  6. Woah, no love ending this time.
    Dang right, we'll miss you Leenda but I'm glad you still have a small channel for us!
    😀 <3 So much love all of these years, our queen! 😀

  7. Loooooved everything about this. This exactly everything I’m going through being in my late 20’s. You couldn’t have portrayed it any better. Will miss you Leenda Productions!

  8. I just got the chill. Thank you Leenda for this channel. It helped me so much through elementary, middle school, and even high school. I am going to really miss this chapter in your life but excited for your new one. Brb I got to cry

  9. Broke up 8 months ago… haven’t fully recovered yet. Now I can’t imagine myself being in a new relationship any time soon. I’m afraid to get hurt again

  10. Linda、お久し振りですね!面白いいビデオ、ありがとう
    anyway, ur mom is so cute LOL ”cái trứng của mày sắp hết hạn rồi kìa, không đem ra xài đi LOL", Thanks

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