1. Since when has someone actually needed a "Tip" on how to be Single? Ummm, how about a "Tip" on not Whoring-around, and treating Men as your Trick? Clearly you can't teach what you know nothing about. Here's a "Tip" for you so-called "Ladies" out there. The most powerful TooL a woman has is her "Virtue". It's as simple as that, nothing more. With it, your cup-runs-over. Or you could take the advice(Tip) of Whores-online, on how to be "Single"? I can't believe my ears? Funny how you so-called "Ladies" can't figure out Why you're still single, and actually need advice(Tip) on how to be "Single"? Now that shits really funny. Go figure?

  2. Everything you guys have said I have especially the friendship part I agree and is me. Like nowadays you can never just be friends or they expect something.. how can u be in a relationship with someone u don't know?? It should always be platonic at first build a genuine bond and foundation with that person. Get to know that person and if it works out as just friends fot at least more then a year or longer then okay. I have currently nearly been speaking to someone for about just under a year. However I know within myself that compatibility is key to any long lasting relationship and that is something you have to see in any type of relationship platonic or otherwise. I'm in no rush or hurry to be in a relationship I'm open to the idea of one but I do not want or need a bf/relationship as of now. for now focus is on myself great video girls I'm a subbie to both of your channels so it was really nice to see you guys do a video with each other xx

  3. I got so hype when I came across this video. Love you both! You literally challenge society and show that you can be a Smart and sexy girl. Loving it!!✊🏾

  4. Everything you say is absolutely right nowadays people want a boyfriend only to show them off on social Media
    Women should focus on their life goals before thinking of getting a man
    Love your vibe mikai

    New Subbie x

  5. Loool Mikia I agree with you !
    I never understand when people just fall in love or like someone instantly without actually KNOWING them exactly. As I grow up I must get to know you ! You must be my friend first but this was such a lovely video ladies ❀️

    See how good I can be by myself before you bring something imcomplete to somebody else I need you to make sure that you bring that you bring that to someone else.
    MikaiI like a lot this thought. slt #PARIS

  7. OMG I discovered you both individually last week and was really thinking OMG they're so similar but so different they need to collab!!!! ❀️❀️

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