Being Single, Christian, & Upholding Standards


  1. I’ve come to learn when it come from God it comes with ease, confirmation & peace. If you don’t have those things, it’s not from God… which means it not for u

  2. I’m 20 and I’m in my beginning steps with getting to know more about god and I stopped partying and drinking and I’m single and isolated don’t really have anyone rn to turn to but I’ve been praying everyday reading my bible looking at a lot of preaching videos learning more about Jesus and I’m glad I made this decision. Thanks for the video🙏🏿

  3. When you are perpetually celibate it's pretty easy to uphold standards. No sex means no fornication. Can't speak to inner thoughts, just the outward behavior!

  4. Hi Leah!! Are you really just 21? My God!! It’s rear when you meet such a young lady speak the way you do!!! I agree with you completely!! This is the only way you will succeed in life!! Focusing on your self first is very important!! Putting God in front will keep you safe and prosperous in all you do!!! I am so proud to have a chance to meet you!!! You are Great!!! You are Blessed!! You will not lose with the stuff you use!!! God Bless you!!!

  5. Im 17 and the Husband JESUS has for me is beyond better then i could imagine.
    Its best to use your time for healing , growth, leaning, loving , accomplishments. I was in a toxic relationship sense freshman year now im almost 18 i wasted 4 years trying to love a toxic person who destroyed me. But now i have JESUS even more than before !!! I agree with what you say ! I have no friends. Fam has different views as of right now. I dont relate with teens. I have no one except JESUS . But i trust HE will make everything for the best !! 💙

  6. Hellooo Ms LeahEssence let me introduced myself to you My name is Mr Leslie L Young iam 46 years old n iam disabled n iam a single older young man i definitely single i bein single about 23 years it very hard bein single n disabled i talking to single women but they always be friends or not interesting in me cause iam disabled

  7. This is so true!! I am much older than you and all I got from men was nothing but trouble!! No marriage as yet but a child out of wedlock!! It's crazy the tricks of the enemy.. please ladies listen to her!!

  8. We need to be friends i am 21 and now trying to find friends But the more which i keep getting this message the more i grow eith god everything will come to padd

  9. FINALLY!!! I’m only 20, working 3 jobs and a supervisor at one. I’m so driven and goal-oriented. I have my own apt (with a roommate), I pay all my own bills and single + celibate. I don’t drink so it’s hard to find people striving to do the same as me. I also rarely ever go out to clubs because I’m just a homebody type of person so it’s really hard for me to connect with many people my age because they are mainly concerned with those types of “fun”. I just think at 20 if I can maximize my next ten years of just living wholesome and true to myself I can build the life I never had for my children. ANYWHOOO, I say all that to say I can’t thank you enough for this video as I was allowing certain things I know I’m not comfortable with to slide because I THOUGHT I was lonely; we’re just in our period of singleness!!!! 💙☝🏾

  10. I really appreciate this video, I just broke it off with someone that I knew wasn't for me, it hurts but God told me yesterday night that he has a man for me, and I take comfort in that.

  11. Omg, I’m so glad I ran across your videos. I just turned 23 and I am on my journey trying to get closer God. I have always went to church but never really tried to live for him. Since Ive been in the Bible and trying to live like the lord wants me to live, I’ve realized that I can’t hang around some of the people that I have been because I don’t want to be tempted to go back to how I was. My friends and even family members are now looking at me differently because of how I’m changing. It’s so nice to see that there are people my age that is doing whatever they can to live for the lord! I’m just waiting on him to send me some friends that seek to live a righteous life with Jesus at the center of their heart!

  12. I have been on a lonely road for a long time, it is not easy in this society. especially family and friends kept saying things like don't be picky etc. I know from the bottom of heart that I can't just marry a guy if GOD didn't tell me this is the man. I rather be lonely and just focus on God then marrying a wrong man.

  13. Insightful vidro. I'm a single 38 yo mom. It's not always easy but God promises that He will provide all we need incl. Emotional needs and He does! Our job is to put Him and His righteousness first giving Him the chance to mold us for His glory and purpose. He knows us way more than we know ourselves and only wants what's best for us.
    His love and grace delivers us from the need to be loved by the world or a companion. He will bring us the right person when the time is right. In my experience it is very hard to find a real Christian good man who's not out just for themselves. But with God all things are possible if it's His will. What a great Father we have.

  14. Awwww thanks for sharing. God bless you. You just gained a new subscriber. I am a newbie and I have my first video on how i got saved 💃💃Please Watch, Subscribe, like everyone. Thanks x

  15. Thank you Leah. It is this version of you ,that was developing and growing in Christ and into the woman that you are becoming, that made me step in the next chapter in my life. I am approaching my 21st birthday and I have been overwhelmed with the idea of the kind of adult I am becoming and I realised that I haven't been living my life the right way. I haven't been living my life the Christ-centered way. I'm done with what society's expectation is of me . I'm officially going to accept that these single years that I have been blessed with are just THAT, years that I am meant to grow and develop ON MY OWN. You're a young, once-confused, Christian girl's inspiration and I look forward to all that you're going to be sharing on this platform and others in the future.

  16. @LeahsEssence You're a true testimony.
    Yeah and it makes sense now cos Today you're married and happy. I bless the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for your life and the motivation you give us (new believers)

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