being single for 22 years | how to be happy single


  1. I’m turning 26 this August and been single for my whole life too. I want to get married badly too. It’s hard because my close friends are married and starting or already have kids, and because their priorities are rightly different because they have families, it makes me feel more lonely. Because I don’t get to see them like we used to when all of us were single. Today in particular I am feeling really sad. And the reality is God doesn’t promise a spouse to anyone. So I very well may never get married. I just trying to trust God and give it over to him. No matter what happens. I know there is better for me, being in heaven with him, I’ve just never been there yet so even in a world as broken as this it’s hard to imagine that there is something better when this is all I’ve known. Reading about heaven isn’t a substitute for being there. With all the brokenness there’s still a whole lot of beautiful in the world too. All that points to God.

  2. This is super inspiring and eye-opening. I like that you encouraged us to go to God with our emotions, concerns, hopes, everything! I am trying to use this season of my life to build myself and become the best person i can be

  3. First time watching your video and I just subscribed!! Thannk u for this !! I too have been single my whole life, 21 years, during this quarantine I've been feeling so lonely and just feeling like I'm never gonna find love. So this really lifted my spirits. Thank u

  4. I used to watch you old videos but I never subscribed and I so glad I found you again💕. This video came at a perfect time. Though I am not christian, I could relate to some of your biblical verses. This video made me really appreciate being single and made me realize what good I could be doing. 💕💕thank you💕

  5. This is so beautiful. I was teary eyed the entire video. Thank you for reminding me about God especially now that It feels like it is my lowest point. Take care always and God bless!

  6. Yes <3 So beautifully said! I was single until a month before my 21st birthday. (btw July birthdays rock!)
    This is the second video I've watched of yours. Your room video was the first. I felt you were such a kind hearted soul right off the bat! Your outlook is wonderful. Prayers for you <3 Sisters in Christ!

  7. This was timely and beautiful. I literally wrote down everything and plan to always refer whenever. I'm glad I found your channel,great christian content that gets me back on track with Christ.

  8. Been single my whole life too and have birthday also in July. Sometimes I feel so alone or out of place because I never had a relationship but I know I’m not alone with it and this gives me a little comfort. As a Christian as well I’m really thankful about your video!

  9. Alex, you did a wonderful job on this. Obviously put a lot of thought into it. I like how you apply common sense to life's challenges. Such as waiting for a mate. Nice work! 😆👍

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