1. Broo I just want to say that, you shouldn't use the bible as something to use against someone, don't use it to prove the them wrong or to prove yourself right. Instead use it to give advice. Also Hi guys lol

  2. Great interview real talk about real topics. This episode will hit alot of people. Continue working through toward your goals and share you will help many achieve their goals. Your comments are motivating. The entertainment world is full of people who live outside of their comfort zone and somehow things work out. Their lives are lived on a stage whether they are a good example or bad you can learn from their success or failures. This is a good podcast I enjoyed it more than most talk shows.

  3. Jesus warned you cannot partake of the table of God and the table of demons. Do not talk about God and the filth of flesh. God does not bless with things that will spiritually defile. Romans chapter 1. Do all things for Gods joy and pleasure and he will bless.

  4. When God asked Abraham to offer up his son Isaac, after Abraham raised his hand with the knife to sacrifice Isaac, Gods angel stopped him, God then said, Now I do know that you truly will obey my voice and withhold nothing from me. God can exercise his all knowing power but God created us to act according to our freedom of choice. We will love or we will lust. Every day we must seek Gods rightouseness and blessing. We cannot pursue rightouseness without Gods holy spirit and wisdom from his word the bible. We recieve holy spirit when we read Gods word.

  5. God repeatedly gave warnings the bible is full of warnings and wise counsel to love and practice what is good and to hate and abstain from what is bad. God would not ask mankind please listen and obey, if we were programmed to follow a predetermined course. God does bless with good things and opportunities he gives us the freewill to choose what work we want to do a writer a builder a musician and if we value and seek his blessing he will provide opportunities it is your choice to take advantage of Gods blessings. God has given me many opportunities it was my decision to choose which direction or project I would pursue. Do not confuse Gods guidance and blessing with freewill. He blesses according to our choice and appreciation.

  6. George in this episode made me want to KMS for real ! Btw I still dont understand how from the gods of greece egypt e.t.c we went to just GOD ! Did "GOD" kill the other gods ? XD

  7. God doesn't know what you're going to do/choose. He puts you in a path where there are Options, Your free will is you get to choose which option or route you take. So religion says….I don't believe in god although open to the idea…BUT I think religion in general is BULL….but again no issue with people that are religious

  8. This question is for George
    You told about when you first first moving to LA you were caught speeding and the officer decided not to give you a ticket. What would you call that? Is that fate or not question mark

  9. I’m not a Christian, I’m more spiritual, raise Buddhist, studies some Taoism, the Bhagavad-Gita and confucianism (not an expert but studying philosophy and religion is a hobby of mine) but I love how George explains his beliefs while still being respectful of others opinions and beliefs. Thanks George! Keep it up!

  10. WOAH what bothers me the most is that I'm listening to you guys talking about willing to do what it takes to achieve your dreams and it inspires me in the moment but all I'm doing is just sitting down eating junk food and by the end of this video the inspiration will disappear and I will be watching more videos and doing nothing it's fucking annoying like why can't I just get my shit together!!!!

  11. But yeah George you should travel here to Charlotte NC and watch Steven furtick live at the Ballantine location in Charlotte where he is in person preaching. Also a nice little east coast change up would be nice we are all nice and don’t care about a following

  12. First time watching. The guys need to work on a 50/50 conversation. As I saw it, George speaks 75% of the time. It seems competitive at times. New dynamic. I’m sure it will improve over time.

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