Being Single in The Villages, Florida


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  2. A veteran serving veterans. You sir, are an American hero. Thank you, for doing your part, to protect and provide the freedom that we all enjoy. ❤️

  3. I am widow-current teacher- exploring the possibility of retiring to FL from California-Thinking about doing research in the area during this summer-Any of your guests interested in renting a room for a week or any other tip where I can do a rental? Renting before moving to the place is very wise , like one of you guests did-Very informative video thanks!

  4. Wow! So many of their comments struck a chord with me. Being a widower myself and retired it has been well… scarey and lonely at times. I keep telling myself that at this stage of my life I'm not looking for a place to live but rather a lifestyle. I heard that term mentioned several times and now my interest has peaked. Thanks for choosing such an important and valuable topic to discuss. And thanks to the interviewees for sharing their own personal insight.

  5. I moved to The Villages from Temecula, CA. I found out about it from a friend. In Temecula, there really was not much to do for retired people. I would drive about 1 1/2 hours to San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, etc. to ballroom dance. The first time I saw The Villages activity guide I was blown away by all of the dancing classes. I couldn't wait to move to The Villages, FL. I have lived here two years and I absolutely love it! There isn't enough time to do all of the activities you want to do in a day. One of the things I would love to see is the opportunity for a single woman to include a boyfriend (who lives outside of The Villages) to attend The Villages restricted events. I pay for my house and all of the amenities. I am single, but pay the same as a couple. In many ways, being single sucks. There are always buy one/get one free for couples, etc.

  6. Another great video! A friend said to me the other day, “I love The Villages Newcomers cause they are straight shooters and always so positive!” Your subscriber numbers are proof of that! 😊👍🏻

  7. Amazing folks! Love the stories, some day I plan to go check this area out! Thank you for sharing their wonderful stories! What beautiful folks , just like you too! 🙂

  8. If you're single and living in the Villages don't hang at Katie Bells, known for STDs. I haven't been there but It's reputation is well known.
    I lived in Florida for 53 years.
    I was shocked when I moved to Colorda, had a check up at the VA, because I came from Florida they suggested I get tested for STDs.

  9. I love this video because it shows how much there is for everyone at the villages. My husband loves to play golf and ride bikes and ski. I am a crafter, quilter, art maker, who loves book clubs and any physical activity. We are going to have fun.

  10. This was a great interview . Are residents allowed to have roommates ? I'm an Air Force Veteran & a VA Retiree as well . I'd like to say to my Fellow Veteran who was sitting on the left hand end of your couch " Fellow Veteran Thank You for Your Service " !! and I'd love to get involved in the Angel Flight Program how do I go about it ?

  11. Just a quick note. I'm so happy our information was helpful to so many folks!! The FROG comment seemed to get a lot of chuckles… Since the Blog was made i am now part of the Honor Flight Pre and Post-Flight team (Mission #50) and will be assisting with getting the Wheelchairs ready for the Vets to use. It's an amazing operation. As Jerry and Linda always say…..See ya when you get here!!

  12. A wonderful vlog, Jerry, Linda, and your very helpful and friendly guests. : ) : ) <3 Best wishes to all of you and just have the fun you couldn't have when you all had to work. Peace. : )

  13. Alot of great info. Another suggestion for future videos is to cover what some of the clubs are. Interview people from various clubs. Your guests made it clear there are LOTS of activities and clubs. Sharing those experiences would be great.

  14. Fantastic video. When I visited The Villages in September 2019 I knew almost immediately I wanted to plan to retire there. I made friends right away and can't wait for my next visit. Thanks for putting this video together to confirm my own experiences!

  15. One of your best videos yet. Thank you to the 3 Villagers who graciously and enthusiastically shared their stories. As someone else posted, you all probably sold some homes with this video. Bravo and two thumbs up from suburban Chicago. . See you on the Squares next week for a brief visit. 😎

  16. This is excellent!! You guys do such a great job inspiring others to be brave, reach for your dreams and make decisions carefully. I’m so excited to one day have a villa or home in the Villages. It will be down the road, but I’m grateful to have you all pave the way for future Villagers to come and enjoy everything there is to do there. I’m currently married and hope to be forever, although, my husband is 17 years older. So, watching this video gives me the confidence that no matter what…the Villages will one day be my home (probably 2nd home)…as all of my family, kids and grandkids are here in the Phoenix area of Arizona. In fact, I hope to maybe also have my primary home be in Sun City West (a cool community…but nothing compared to the amazing Villages!). Thank you!!! Mia 🙂

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