Being Single in Your 20s | #DEFININGLOVE


  1. I know I'm extremely late but I think sometimes coming from something broken is all it takes for you to never want to break something (Or someone).
    Hope they all find the love they desire and deserve

  2. the one does not necessarily have to be your lover or partner but it can also be a friend, the one that understands you so much, and knows a lot and everything about you. some people were never meant to be in a relationship, or they will just never find true love, that is the sad truth to swallow but it is like that. hey guys my name is some people. 🙂

  3. I’m also a “Singleton hall of famer”😂… I believe in the one but I feel like the longer I stay single.. the more I’m starting to lose hope. Also really draining when people ask when I’m getting into a relationship… etc. Because I want all those things… just tired of being taken for a poes before we even boo’d up.Hopefully a year from now we can all have a different story to tell… loved this episode ❤️

  4. i am hopeless romantic and would love to see more of the "Dear Future Partner" part.
    Also, i do believe in the one! I don't think soulmates are only in romantic relationships.

  5. I actually do believe in the one because once yuu find the one yuu never want to to start over with someone new cause yuu have to start afresh go through the deep convos yuu had with that one person yuu had a deep meaningful convo with and shed tears

  6. I've missing a lot of content because of Exams, I'm glad I'm done. Catching up now

    You're doing great Dennis,I'm happy I'm part of the Defining family❤️❤️Youtube stocko

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