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  1. The message is not only the truth but it is the only thing that exists. Marriage is never going to be a normal thing in humanity It just doesn't work.
    We have been preconditioned by the establishment the government and the rulers of this world they don't follow none of those rules they know that that is part of the enslavement procedure. Marriage will never going to be a natural thing from nature. We aa have to work to abolish it

  2. Getting the government involved is NEVER a good idea. I agree with what you're saying but there will always be the yearning inside to be with one of those wenches – it doesn't go away. They could CHOOSE to love you, to go without a ring and a license and all the things that secularize a sacred union. But they don't. They won't! They never will. Instead they choose to hold you hostage with your innate desires and use them to extract things from you. It's very hard not to hate them for it.

  3. Great video man. Freedom is the most important thing to me. This why I'm never having kids or getting in another relationship. Just having complete control over your life and choices is underrated and powerful. The ability to do whatever you want whenever you want is something I'm never giving up for nobody. Freedom for life

  4. This is all because living in big cities is not natural. Marriage is a completely different story on a farm, where people grow vegetables together etc, as it used to be for centuries.

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