Being Single Isn't Always a Bad Thing...


  1. I think I am relationship adverse. I like my own space, no drama, being able to do my own thing etc. I am the only child and have been taking care of myself since 16. Being in a relationship has always felt more like a burden. They only thing I do miss about it is regular sex. Period!!! But even that gets old after awhile. πŸ˜‰

  2. At the moment I am single because I live and working with my mum and dad so it is not the best time to date someone. However, when I had a fixed monthly income I never date. I am way too comfortable having multiple one night stands I cannot begin to ponder the idea being tied to a person.

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  5. I will never get advice from somebody on my marriage that’s been divorced hella times like 4, 5 like YOU need advice! You don’t get advice from everybody I’ll get advice from an older person that’s old school before I listen to people in this generation cause this generation is selfish and struggling to figure out what love is. I always go to my dad whether it’s about my marriage or what, if I really need it and can’t ask my husband I go to him. Go to someone you look up to or you feel is wise and makes sound decisions.

  6. Never been in a serious relationship at 25! Yet I am the one all my friends come to for advice??? They come to me because I am brutally honest and can see the relationship from both sides, and I am going to give you the truth. It is not all about the people with experience. I have dealt with other relationships in my life and even though none were "serious" doesn't mean I am clueless or my perspective and advice is less valid then some other person who has been in a million relationships yet has been unhappy in all of them.

  7. πŸ˜πŸ™‚ freedom. I agree some people are single because haven't found the right person.
    More free time for me yeah! πŸ€—
    never been married yet it's good thing because I don't have to be with a toxic man. So love the freedom thank you much.
    So glad I dump him.
    People don't marry online people marry in person not on some lame dating site.
    Some people who are married don't even enjoy it lmaf πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
    lol. That funny makes me laugh. Women dont need a man but what a man and men need women lol.

  8. If your always dating, you never learn to enjoy your own time and company and grow as a individual. You will become literally codependent and think since they left me now I need someone else. It’s better to just focus on you and increase your self love. That way when the time comes, and universe gives you the right guy. You will be more than prepared. A relationship shouldn’t feel like you are in prison, it should be the exact same as if your single. Where you enjoy life separately but decide to come together. We lose ourselves often in relationships, it’s bad then we forget who we really are.

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