1. All of my ex's broke up with me before valentine's day, so ive always been single on valentine and Im 28
    I never had a valentine card, and ive been single for 8 years now

    Single can be chill but its sucks after a view years believe me

  2. Like number 66 – Order 66 to the Clone Troopers….. Sci – Fi fan here, Scotty beam me up. lol
    Cool video by the way an I've been single for over a year now close to 2 years and it's starting to get a bit old, not complaining just saying as well stinks having a B-Day right after valentines day at times.
    Yea, does not get any better then that. LOL 🙂
    Enjoying life as is, what can i say.

  3. I suffer from the same single crisis and once I feel depressed as whatever, I type in youtube search: ''it sucks to be single''. Then I found you and I couldn't believe that such a gorgeous girl is in the same status like me. Wow. Well, ima check your channel out.
    are you doing Vlogs?

  4. At first I freaked out because the screen was black and I could only hear the audio!!! But  its ALL GOOD, I got it to work 😀 
    Great video! Let us single girls UNITE! xD 

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