1. I prefer being in a relationship, but have never had a proper one. I hate being single, in "situationships" and friends with benefits, I don't count those and find them frustrating and exhausting emotionally more than anything else. I'd rather be single or in a proper relationship. Uncertainty of open relationships and polyamory makes me really anxious, and being single is boring and lonely

  2. I miss being in a relationship. I'm a hopeless romantic who's grown into being a self-conscious Aspie who I can barely pick up on the more subtle signals until its too late.

  3. I'm single and i find this biggest pro is having my independence. Im free to make my own choices. The biggest con is in making those choices i would like an outsider opinion sometimes. I also find myself searching for comfort and security from others morw frequently.

  4. I've been with my partner since I was 14, and I am now 19, I live with him and we are coming up to our 5 year anniversary next year. I've found that I have grown WITH him, and we were long distance for a year as I moved from Wales to England for university. This 1 year allowed us both to grow independently. and then he moved from Wales to live with me whilst I continue my studies. We are both very independent people and I wouldn't change it for the world 🙂

  5. I was in relationships one after another from high school until just a few years ago. I've divorced three times, each one of my exe's gave birth to one of my three daughters that age wise are ten years apart. I have made it a point to stay single because I had no idea who I was anymore. I also wanted to get to know my daughters better too. Now my favorite time is when the three of them and myself get together and have dinner or holidays or going to the amusement park, drive in movies, or a concert, camping, what ever it is we always have fun and in that new memories being made and just how lucky I am to have these girls in my life. I have gotten to know myself and feel a lot better about who I am and how someone could lose identity within back to back to back and on and on relationships. I guess I was a early bloomer, but truly wish I had gone a different path to find out who and what I wanted to be where I wanted to go. Don't get me wrong, I know the path I took is the one I was suppose to take and the path I am on now is exactly where I am suppose to be. All the ups and downs are there for a reason. We just never see why until later. I still hold on to hope of another someone to fall in love with again. She's out there somewhere with the same hope and knowing that this is the right time and this is the right one for me to love again…

  6. I know I am 2 months late but I want to get in on this conversation.

    I am on the autism spectrum and have been single all my life. My brain is bouncing back and forth between wanting to be in a relationship and staying single. It is very confusing especially for a 22 year old autistic person myself. I have several characteristics for the perfect girl that I want: Physical characteristics – Beautiful eyes, cute nose, gorgeous smile, beautiful body; Personality characteristics – smart, funny, cute, has a creative mind and cares about me having autism. I have a handful of friends who are girls have these characteristics and proud that I am friends with them and was close to asking several of them to be in a relationship with me. But there are 3 reasons as to why I didn't: (1) I simply choose not to; (2) they said "no" because they are not ready themselves; (3) they are already in a relationship

    It is very confusing

  7. For a teen who's just got out of her first proper relationship, THANK YOU. It's a rough time and because I'm only young, I suppose I'm a little lost right now. This video helped me so much and I'm so grateful. Love you! 😊

  8. broke up with my over a year long boyfriend three weeks ago now, I'm 17 and I understand what you mean by the whole merging thing. I'm struggling quite a bit right now but this helped, thanks.

  9. You’re so gorgeous Jessie! Honestly I hope you know what a positive effect you have on all who watch your videos! You send out such a lovely vibe which encourages me to watch and enjoy you so much!! You should be so proud of how far you’ve come and know you deserve so much positivity! Love you gorgeousssss❣️ if you’re ever in the north East of England give me a heads up I’d LOVE to meet you hunniiii x

  10. i'm 19 an have never been in a relationship and would love to be in one too, most of my friends are in one (i dont want to just follow the crowd but i also feel sort of left out or behind everyone else) and i see what they're like with there boyfriends and i just want to be close with someone like that but it also scares me to be that close to one person, i am also a virgin and feel like it at a point where i would like to have sex but not with any random person like id have to know and like them, any advice cause i know i'm still young but at this stage i feel like i'm gonna be a single virgin forever or that when the time does come ill just be really inexperienced and embarrass myself some how, its something that has been really bothering me recently

  11. The whole not having as much time for your friends/not needing to spend as much time with them when in a relationship really only applies to very niche situations (such as travelling for LDR) and/or the 'honeymoon phase'. Once you've been with someone for a long time, live with them etc (pre child phase) the way I've experienced it is you gain a lot of that independence back, you both want to do things independent of each other because you're together all the time. Once those initial butterflies have worn off you realise that no matter how much you love your partner/they are your best friend, they aren't a substitute for platonic friendships, I think post 'honeymoon phase' you also don't feel the need to have your partner at everything with you anymore.

  12. I’ve been single for five years and see myself being that way for the foreseeable future. Dating is fun, especially being a young professional in a big city. There’s less need to be committed as you’re usually busy. I also doubt I’d travel as much independently if I was single. Relationships stress me out as they’re a big commitment! Much love you both xx

  13. I really like this chat, many pros and cons of either side I've heard before. But there were things that I was surprised by and thats due to never being in a relationship before. A serious/long term/committed type of relationship. I'd be interested in hearing that chat about it from you two.

  14. I've been single since last August (before that, I was in a 3.5 year relationship) and it's absolutely what I need right now. I went on a couple dates but I was able to reevaluate and realize that I don't want a relationship at all. For the last few months, I've been sleeping with a close friend and it's been perfect for what I need. We're on the same page about what we want, so it's given me intimacy and the comfort of sharing a bed with someone, without the emotional responsibilities of being in a relationship. It sounds a little too good to be true, but I've honestly been able to relate to both sides of this video because I feel like I'm getting a little bit of both!

  15. Well, I've never been in a relationship, so Single wins out for me. LOL And I don't get lonely, so I am perfectly happy to remain single for the rest of my days until I find someone who's company I value more than my solitude. I enjoy being on my own and only having to worry about my own finances, interests, day-to-day preferences. I realize that sounds incredibly selfish but don't get me wrong, when I find that someone, I am gonna be devoted. A loyal Capricorn til the end.

  16. I’m single but I’m in one of those “non-relationships,” which is a whole other thing. He lives a couple of hours away from me in a city so it’s sort of an excuse to go there because I know I’ll see him and I enjoy his company. A major con is the dating anxiety that you mentioned in the video, thinking about whether I should be dating other people, wondering where I stand and how long I can handle this situation.

  17. I'm seventeen and I've never been in a relationship. For so many of my teenage years I desperately wanted something and I was absolutely miserable. It was only around 2 years ago that I started appreciating my own company and taking care of myself. I've gotten to a point were I love my alone time and all my hobbies so much that I'm almost scared of being in a relationship now. I don't want to loose all the work and effort I've put into getting to where I am.

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