Being Single VS Being in a Relationship! | Melanie Murphy & Hannah Witton


  1. Loved this, especially the comments about your partner not being able to provide all your needs. I'm dating this great guy but the main thing I see as lacking is that he's not super intellectual and I do crave those convos. But he has many other great qualities I admire. So I can't expect him to be everything to me and should seek out those needs from other people in my life 🙂

  2. If you dont want your boyfriend or girlfriend to watch porn, it doesn't mean you are a bad person. Its not a red flag. Everyone is different. Overwatching porn and certain types of porn, can be very damaging. Like the rest of the video though.

  3. Being single for 2 years, almost finished on a girl cleanse (or detox). I've finished a Master's,am in the middle of getting my license and looking for a job. It gets lonely sometimes, but I'm pushing through

  4. I’m a new subscriber so I’m binge watching a bit here. But I just wanted to say that I really love this. Not just because Irish accents are my FAVORITE 😍 but because we are close to the same age, and I think it’s important for younger women to hear all the wonderful parts of being single. And being in a relationship because it makes you happy and not because you can’t be happy on your own. 🖤

  5. Porn is not in my relationship and there is no red flag about it. It's fully agreed upon and works well for us. It's disappointing to hear your judgement tone when you're talking about a subject thay should require an open mind, but not everyone is capable I guess.

  6. Im single and plan on keeping it that way for a longer time, I dont even want to have romantic relationships in any way. Im good with myself and my friends. I just dont have the mental health to stem a romantic relationship right now because I it always costs me alot of strength so Im good alone and getting healthy.

  7. My husband immigrated from England, so his family is from England. He works a lot since he has his own online business. So I basically can do whatever I want on the weekends. It tends to be crafting at home by myself, or doing something with my family. sometimes he will be involved in a weekend plan on one day, and I verify it with him. He tends to work and I tend to do crafts. It works quite well for us. My only real compromise is visiting his family for Christmas this year. I have never done Christmas without my own family, but it's important to me that we visit his family before we have any potential babies. We will just have a secondary Christmas get together with my family later.

  8. I am newly single due to my wife's death. This was wife number two, the love of my life! Wife number one was a mistake because I became codependant. Being single feels odd because all of my life I have been alone in my head. I am not crazy but I find a lot of animals that are more pleasant to talk to than most humans. Ladies, good luck in your relationships. Honest communication is the key.

  9. When I live with my partner, I find it hard to coordinate time with friends and time with him, as you say, Melanie. Like I want to spend time with friends, but then we're already together in the apartment after work and he looks forward to see me and then I would have to say "hello, good bye, I'm seeing this and this friend"…. (we are long distance most of the time) how could I communicate that better?

  10. gotta say, I love the way the two of you talk and how smoothly you transition from one topic to the next. I truly feel like I'm in the room with you, part of the conversation 💚💚

  11. I’ve never been in a romantic relationship but I feel like the staying with someone because you’re used to them and feel comfortable and safe also applies to friendships. I used to be good friends with this one girl. We became friends when we were both feeling kind of alone and we were able to be that one friend for each other just so that neither of us would be completely alone. For a few years, we would hang out outside of school every once in a while, but as time went on, we weren’t as excited about hanging out as we used to be, and we kinda just did it because it was what we did. A few weeks ago, we had a fall out and because we both dislike being in fights for too long, we did apologize to each other and seemingly were back to normal, but something had changed. I think we had both realized that we were fine without each other while we weren’t on speaking terms. Although we technically had gone back to the way we were before, we don’t talk as much anymore and we haven’t texted since the conversation we had when we made up. And I’m completely fine. Sure, I miss her, but it’s honestly so much easier and simpler without having to worry about interacting with her and how she would react to different things I do, which was always a problem. She would often get angry or annoyed with me for acting a certain way or doing certain things, and as time went on, I gradually became less of myself around her, always careful as not to do anything to upset her. So all in all, I think I’m better off without her, though we did have a good run.

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