Being Single VS Relationships! w/ Carrie Rad + Madison89Miller + TanaMontana | #TeaTalk Episode 5


  1. So there's going to be a part 2 to this video right? Right? Because I want a part 2 to this video? I guess this is my way of saying I really enjoyed this video. You should go through more questions from different people and then answer them amongst the four of you. So is the trick to finding someone is to not go out and look for them? Because of this video, it was the first time I ever heard women liking the idea of adoption. I thought every women want to go through child birth if given the choice.

  2. Aww! that is so sweet about your husband! And it gives me hope, because I'm kinda the same as him when it comes to relationships. I'm graduating high school in three months and I've never had a relationship because I want to date someone I actually see myself marrying.

  3. Please do a Tea Talk on ADOPTION! I was adopted and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am so so thankful for the family that I have and the plan that God had for my life. Love you girls!

  4. I'm single and I think the "motivated" question means (at least for me) staying motivated to find someone and not letting go of true love and soulmate notion. I strongly believe everyone has one soulmate. Sometimes I get discouraged about not being with my soulmate right now, I'm 20 years old and have been single my whole life and it's hard ( I always stay strong, though) not to just get in a relationship to just be with someone. My motivation is my future self; I mean I want to look back and say I did that by myself, but also want to be able to do major milestones with my soulmate.
    I'm the same with being pregnant; I can't wait to be pregnant and have my birth plan already. It's a "little" premature, but I have my wedding, house, and basically my whole life planned out 😊

  5. oh damn girl !!this what i needed to hear ; because i ve been in a relationship for 4 years and when i learn that i had a disease but curable you know , he just left saying that i was too ambitious but the icing on the cake the went to a party with many girls and pput it on Facebook like everyone could see it and he said that's not a big deal i needed some social life bla bla and then the next day  so i broke with him in august and i still thinking about him and worse wanna call him , so it is perfect because it makes me think to other things like when he broke off he said that he does not wanted me as a mother for his child ect and well well i just wanted to say thank you for this girly moment ,and by the way you are AMAZING !! (and just wanted to add that i am french learning English at college so sorry if i had some mistakes here and there …^^

  6. I love this! Drinking tea in my Nikki P cup while watching this. I never dreamed of getting married or being a mom. I'm married now, and I can see being a mom in the distant future, but I'm definitely not ready for that. I'm really focused on figuring out who I am at this point in this point.

  7. is it just me or does getting married then just being a stay at home wife doing nothing seem really spoiled? you're an adult, go get a job! lol why would you expect your husband to do everything? lol unless you have kids, this makes no sense to me

  8. I feel the same intense fear about losing my husband. There is literally no one else who knows me as well as he does. I would be beyond devastated. I'm thankful for every day I have with him.

  9. Yes yes yes!! So true about that one statement. My boyfriend will be getting a full time job but I am disabled at 19 and so I stay at home. I can't go to college or work, and we aren't going to have kids, so it's very hard to feel like I have a purpose. Definitely find a hobby, something you love! It gives you a feeling of independence and it makes me happier 🙂

  10. I gained so much wisdom about the family question. If there are situations such as both families not liking each other or your spouse's family not liking you heres the fact;; you have made your own family and that is what comes first. In the Bible it even proves and says that you leave your parents to make your own family. That is the most important part. You and your spouse are your family now. the rest can fall to the ground. Do not let it effect you!!

  11. Sort of along the whole relationship line thing: if I have liked a guy for 3 years including this year, is it worth telling him??? I've been trying to get over him for a long time but it hasn't worked. We only have one class together this year and I'm pretty sure that he isn't interested, but I feel like it's been long enough, and I don't see myself really getting over him….

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