Best Vegan Brownies + Q&A: Online Dating, Past Relationships and Being Single


  1. Hi Nina! Quick tip: if your bangs doesn't want to be cooperative, just wash them in the sink! (i just use hand soap and then a bit of apple cider vinegar to keep it shiny, but u can skip this) and then blowdry it (years of experience with bangs. Trust me. Airdrying is not good enough even if you airdry your hair normally. Takes 15sec) i wash my bangs every morning cos I have oily forehead so… Can't deal with sticky bangs. Washing gives u a fresher look!

    P. S. I love u and ur thoughts and ur recipes. Keep up❤️

  2. Oh thank you 🙏🏻 you’re so inspirational ! You just formulate the sentences that we all know but still need someone to tell them to us !

  3. Oh man this video came at the right time. I'm having a tough time with dating but I find a big issue as well as mixed signals is people saying and doing things they dont mean. The whole "if they like you, you'll know" thing IS true but I so often feel like guys DO give me the impression they like me (text me all day everyday, tell me im amazing, plan stuff to do together in the coming months) but then flipflop and go "oh no im not ready to be serious". I've always been someone who takes what people say to me at face value and trust that people are genuine but I'm now having to learn to be suspicious and question everything guys say to me. I wish it was as easy as "when someone likes you, you feel it" but you just can't trust what you feel.

  4. Thank you so much for that brownie recipe! I made some yesterday, and they were perfect. And even better: they are still perfect today and not dry at all. Have a beautiful day 🌻

  5. You make me feel so relaxed, I think you‘re an inspiring person and I love to see and hear from you and just watched this video while making your brownie recipe!

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