Birds of Prey | Harley Quinn's Guide to Being Newly Single | Warner Bros. Entertainment


  1. Wish harley Quinn be my best friend
    Having spa day get talking about boys give advice boys
    Shopping give a egg sandwich for breakfast for lunch club sandwich
    For dinner pasta prank on joker

  2. Like what is this movie about I thought this was supposed to be a villainess type movie but this just like a breakup film, also trying too hard with a 4min trailer that doesn't convey any plot.

  3. You have a bad studio called NetherRealm Studios. They don't listen to the comunity. The Mode "kombat League" is injustice and abusive. If you are not pro-player, you don't get the prices never. It's injustice and abusive, because we had to pay for the game and for the sesson 1. I Will not buy the sesson 2 and i encourage everyone not buy sesson 2 or the game, because they don't give us content for which we have paid and the don't solution the problem.

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