Brahmacharya Doesn't Mean Being Single or No Marriage But Conservation of Energy for God-Realization


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  2. If a 23 years old boy, who has a girlfriend want to bramhachari..then how he can do brahmachari with marrying her,,he shouldn't leak a drop of semen…how is it possible…reply me plzzz…

  3. It's not that it's very difficult if we need to get into the practice of Bramchrya..we have had done it for quite a number of years..
    Aren't we live our lives with utmost unbroken Bramchrya unknowingly when are a child..??
    It's a normal way of living, nothing unattainable..!!

  4. Ah this comes as a new distinction to me! I appreciate this channel for the variety of teachers. Hearing these subjects reworded many times give me something to cross-reference and build a bigger picture understanding. Thank you! Namaskar ❤

  5. Navinji I have a couple of questions regarding brahmacharya…because I have to be sure why I must take this and iam willing to take…

    1.Are there any modern medical proofs of the benefits of celebacy. it true that after practice of brahmacharya for 12 years bring the said fruits….is it true that one can attain bliss by brahmacharya…
    3.Is there any akhanda brahmachari you know off….or how about you sir? What is your experience with brahmacharya?

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    Brahmacharya Doesn't Mean Being Single or No Marriage But Conservation of Energy for God-Realization

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