Carmi Martin expresses her happiness being single | Magandang Buhay


  1. Nakilala ko si Carmi Martin sa programang Chicks to Chicks sa TV nung araw at ako'y natutuwa na hanggang ngayon ay nasa limelight pa rin ang buhay showbiz niya despite being singular, not plural, as of now. Hindi ko masyadong nasusundan ang career niya as I have been living abroad for quite some time now, but if Carmi will maintain her good life as she is lucky enough to be in the middle class, with relatives closely living with her, without being involved in any wrongdoings against the law such as drugs and other crimes, I think Carmi is a nice individual who can be considered as a model, not only on the ramp literally, for the young celebrities to emulate if they also want a good life, and add to that the willingness to help other people who are needy …

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