China Doesn't Like That I'm a Single Woman, Here's Why | Op-Docs


  1. this is wrong. she's a good human being the way she is. for a society to make her feel like she's somehow bad because she doesn't want to be in relationship where she will be mistreated or treated lesser is wrong. poor woman.

  2. This is the first time where I immensely just want to hug someone. I want to tell her that a lot of us supports her.

    I hope she's somewhere else and doing better.

  3. Her family is clearly not on the same level as her intellectually, it was painfully obvious when watching that scene when her whole family was roasting her.

  4. Our kids are our legacy. Those Asian parents have a point. That girl also has a point too. Life’s hard. We all got to work together for the best outcome. Stay happy.

  5. As a Chinese woman who is living in America now, I am reading The Feminine Mystique and run to this video. All I want to say is, I wish she had read this book, and I wish every Chiese girls have a chance to read this book. It's nothing wrong for a girl to be strong and independent.

  6. Im Literally ONE minute in and I wanna give that poor lady a hug…. she is beautiful and a very smart lady. How dare that awful woman say such horrible things….

  7. Woah this kinda weirding me out.

    I’m a halfie, my dad is from the same province that she is from, and I didn’t realize how sexist it was there… my mom tells my dad to do stuff all the time, and my dad lets her win all the fights, so I guess my view of China was a lot more progressive than it is in actuality.

    I guess it also has to do with education. My dad has a PhD and did all of his higher education in the US. Also, a highly educated American woman (or any highly educated woman) wouldn’t marry a bigot, so there’s no way my mom would’ve ever liked my dad if he had been closed minded…

    I think this is one of the reasons I’ve never gone to see my paternal grandparents.

  8. It seems many people are lacking cultural understanding. It’s common in Chinese culture and some other Asian cultures for people to be direct about certain things. Unlike westerners, these types of Asians take little to no offense at blunt comments. I’ve been told out loud that I was too fat. When I lost weight, I was told I looked like I was dying. I never cried over it. It’s normal. I remember once at my office, an Asian worker told his client how stupid she was for getting scammed and that she deserved it for not having a brain. That wouldn’t fly with a westernized client. I guess this is as messed up to westerners as traditional Asian parents and children never saying “I love you” to each other. I’ve never said those three words to my parents and I don’t plan on ever using it and it’s okay. It’s normal.

  9. She is gorgeous , has a career , her dress follows the patrons of Piet Mondrian ( + culture) and her main standard is "he must respect women". if Asia is not able to appreciate their women, the rest of the world will do.

  10. She looking to marry up and she came from traditional beginnings.

    It’s respectable but far fetched, she will never be happy, under the door of a wealthier person.

    She will be searching for a goose that doesn’t exist. She is a very nice and beautiful woman but she’s lost.

    She should of found a man to build an empire instead of looking for someone who will not share their empire with you.

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