Duterte teases Robredo about being single (Part 2)


  1. It just mean. That PRRD is not like ERAP who do not care for VP gloria. PGMA who not bother on VP noli de castro And also ABNOY AQUINO WHO HELL NOT CARE for Binay also.. He PRRD wants to make the tension ease between ANTI-Leny or whatsoever hindrance to continue the work to accept her and her started duty work with progress and result.

  2. manyak move ni pres duterte baka sakaling maka score kay robredo hehehe…failed yan…hahanap yan si leni ng mas bata..mali naman tong ginagawa ni pres duterte..hindi naman kailangan ipagsabi ang ganyang mga bagay in public…imposible namang magkagusto si leni sa kanya..eh ang tanda na kaya niya

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