Emma Watson Says She's 'Self-Partnered' and 'Happy' Being Single Ahead of 30th Birthday


  1. Don't listen to anybody but yourself when it comes to relationships and especially starting a family! Listen to your own needs and don't just do it because it seems like everybody else is doing it! Those kids have to suffer the consequences of bad decision making.

  2. Those people she got setup on a date with are not "some of her bestfriends".
    They are smitten fools perpetually stuck in the friendzone.
    Cucks and Eugene's.

  3. It's so hard to believe that people in this day and age still think that you have to be in a relationship to be happy. Woman or man, straight or gay, either way it doesn't matter. So many people are unhappy in relationships because they don't feel strong enough to go it alone, it's sad.

  4. I would never expect to witness such stupidity, brainless generation in my lifetime, celebrities are getting dumber by the speed of light, the worse is the cattle/zombies are celebrating such nonsense delusional narcissistic morons, I'm sorry, but either I'm in urgent need of snickers bar, or this πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© segment send me over the edge

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