Emma Watson Talks Turning 30, Working With Meryl Streep, And Being Happily Single | British Vogue


  1. Omg I just love Emma, everything about her is so real n pure. Her smile and energy is infectious I love it. I love watching her interviews, you can't help but feel joy watching her. Bless her and u Paris you girls are awesome.

  2. Thank you for coloring my childhood with the smarty, sassy hermione! I will forever cherish young Ms.Granger and will definitely tell my kids about how much of a bright witch you were in you generation💛

  3. Emma watson is undoubtedly a woman who will change mentalities on gender inequalities. It is much criticized because of the causses which it defends. But these causses are the ones that block the evolution of society in the world. Good luck and maybe we'll see Emma watson one day.

  4. I watched movies with her in it, now, still watching movies with her in it, I started watching harry, Potter with Emma in it, It seemed amazing, then when beauty in the beast, I love the song and it was awesome! I'd always like movies with Emma in it!!! And now she's 30! Wow

  5. love the interviewer, love Emma, love their discourse. Vogue: you guys really do not need to downplay the title of the video to things that were not really the point.

  6. I’m so grateful for her voice! She’s such a modern, REAL person. In an age where our shells are so valued, it’s genuinely comforting to hear her take on life and education.

  7. I think many would benefit from the first 6 minutes of this interview as it relates to thinking critically about perceptions prior to making comments on social media.

  8. They're making it sound like they're opressed because they're feminists and activists. It's all cool that they're standing up for what they believe, but don't act like you're opressed by society and that you aren't privileged. These two people are extremely privileged.

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