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  1. Young guys: sit in a divorce court, for contested cases: Watch the guys get gutted, and hung up to bleed out. Every time. I waited till my own divorce to do this- much too long. I did at least get custody of my kid, had that custody for 14 years. Would you jump out of an airplane, w/ a parachute with a 60% chance of not opening? That's what marriage is.

  2. So back when I was a cuck, I was ashamed that I was single. Females at the time did not care for the tan kind. At least where I was stuck. Not sure how many times I was told that she had a boyfriend. So I was like is his member over 7 inches cause mine is! Oh I used to chase it when I did not know any better. now I realize that being single is so much greater. I see cucks trying to dress like me. I see cucks even pretending to be me. I was walking threw the mall and I had old girl cut in front of me, to let me know. As her boyfriend came strolling up, looking offended. He was wearing fake work boots and cotton. I was wearing water stopping tech for working out doors as a pro. Not interested in making kids. In 5 years she will be old.

  3. Ok… Girlfriend. GIRL(diametrically opposed words)FRIEND! For the Young Men, do you remember when FRODO B offered the ring to LADY GALADRIEL & what she turned into? Now for you MEN of good age, remember HARCOURT FENTON MUDD & his wife? If you need anymore reasons to stay single… go watch Lord of the Rings & some Ol Skool StarTrek! Nice sunny day in the good ol UK… Cheers MEN… mines a pint.

  4. SANDMAN listens to… THE CRITICAL DRINKER! OMG NO WAY! Probably the funniest Scotsman I've ever heard on YouTube. When I heard his review on 'BatWoman', I nearly wet my ManPantz! Anywho… mines a pint &… SCHWING SCHWANG LOL.

  5. TO: Fellow men … DOES ANYONE RECALL one of the other MGTOW video makers who had a one titled something like 'How to deal with a bitch'? I think he's been banned and I can't recall his name. Seems to be a worrying trend.

  6. The idea that couples should be the same age is an idea that only benefits women and attacks masculinity. People want that 25 yo women hitting the wall make a couple with 25 men making money and being succesful. At the same time they want young and fertile women to be with effeminate and physically underdevelopped men

  7. If women are so great where are all the happily married men? I've NEVER met one. But I have met plenty of happy single men. Ditch the bitch and wake up happy every day with no bills, no debt, no drama and plenty of amazing places to go.


  9. My divorce happened in 2012…took the red pill in 2015…after red pill rage subsided…I have become happier every year…this year is the happiest I have been compared to the despondent blue pill purgatory I was in leading up to the divorce…I believe my happiness will continue to grow…no woman can outbid freedom!

  10. LMAO I also discovered "TheCriticalDrinker" last week. Watched one video, instantly subscribed!!
    Hilarious videos high quality sarcasm, well delivered. Would recommend.

  11. No bullshit one year after my Divorce I went in for an annual check up my blood pressure was down to 110 over 79. Down from 141 over 110. Marriage was literally killing me. I have done nothing new to my diet except I eat Steak twice a week and am up to 2lbs of Bacon a week.

  12. Perhaps feminism had convinced that strange woman that her poop smelled like roses, as feminism always does, so she thought she was giving her (now ex-)boyfriend a treat by insisting on his smelling them.

  13. Don't ever call yourself "single", women like to label losers with that. Theres a certain stigma with that word single. Rather call yourself "un-married & un-attached"

  14. Just found out that I got a shout-out in this video. Wanted to stop by and say thanks. I hope to being a positive view to MGTOW and especially help single father's like myself. Appreciate the look!

  15. There's a part of this video that talks about guys using escorts. That is just gross, wrong, and if your the type of guy that does that than you have lost your moral compass.

    Escorts = walking, talking STD, a woman who has no soul left, a woman who is corrupted, a woman is owned and controlled by a pimp, gangs, cartels. Your much better off getting a sex toy like Flesh Light or similar.

  16. I may be of above average age, weak slow and tired. Yet i am still a man. Red Pill Wisdom does awaken one to the Infinite potential in your grasp, along with the knowledge that no woman can stop you from maximum achievement.

  17. Alec Fleming talks with Penny Proud on her channel quite often so I don’t know where he falls into MGTOW. Sometimes it sounds like he is on the fence about it. But the whole Penny thing I don’t know.

  18. Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: The Prophet said: "I was shown the hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful." It was asked, "Do they disbelieve in Allah?" (or are they ungrateful to Allah?) He replied, "They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good (charitable deeds) done to them. If you have always been good (benevolent) to one of them and then she sees something in you (not of her liking), she will say, 'I have never received any good from you."  (Book #2, Hadith #28) Sahih Al-Bukhari.

  19. There is a lot of content in brazillian portuguese too. Basically were are just as bad as canada here, but without jobs. Our duluth model law (lei maria da penha), keeps getting worse and worse by the day even with an (and i quote) "anti-feminist/anti-marxist president" (there is a channel called Don Sandro who specialises in showing how almost every week a new feminist law gets aproved) .We consume a lot of Sandman and TFM here but most of our community can't understand english very well(so there is a lot of young men who chase the red pill but dont understand the basics of female nature). And unfortunately a lot of "mgtow/redpill" channels have owners how are purple pill at best. Channel owners who have girlfriends, who validate any thot comment , etc. Even with a big growth of mgtow in brasil i still keep watching north american channels.

  20. Sometimes he wonders whether this very idea of loneliness is something he would feel at all had he not been awakened to the fact that he 'should' be feeling lonely, that there is something strange and unacceptable about the life he has.

    Always, there are people asking him if he misses what it had never occurred to him to want, never occurred to him he might have…

    Some of them ask him with pity, and some ask him with suspicion: the first group feels sorry for him because they assume singledom is not his decision but a state imposed upon him; and the second group feels a kind of hostility for him, because they think that his singlehood is his decision, a defiant violation of a fundamental law of adulthood.

    ― Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life

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