1. watching this video on my sofa next to my Dad wondering why i’m so awful at procrastinating because i have lots of uni things to do but instead i’m watching this video 🤭😘

  2. And the award for most adorably entertaining tipsy people goes to.. *drumroll please*.. Georgia and Emily 😛 Also awesome sober obviously.

    And to the girl who is "22 and still alone"… Just think of all the drama and cheating exes that you haven't had to deal. 22 is still young af, don't stress it. Never too old to love the single life!

  3. I thing you have a different vibe when your not with Misha. I'm not trying too Bach Misha, I do watch her vlogs. I just want too say your doing great keep up the hard work.

  4. Watching you guys while I’m cooking! Usually do when I need to wind down after work and my boyfriend isn’t home.
    On another note, I met my boyfriend on tinder so don’t restrict yourself to just nights out if you’re single! Lol. Don’t knock it until you try it x

  5. Love you guys!! Totally agree with the “perfect” social media stuff. I’m not involved in the whole influencer thing but I totally know that it’s not just a one take and it’s all about angles, lightening etc etc. And just because you’re an influencer shouldn’t mean you can’t post the best bits like any normal person would! Xx

  6. I think it's so interesting that you find it so weird that a guy would bring a friend who's a girl on vacation rather than his girlfriend. Sure, there are some situations where it would be sketchy, but I would find it amazing if my boyfriend had so close friends that he wanted to bring them on trips with his family. Sometimes I need my friends more than my boyfriend and I think that's totally okay. All relationships must be rooted in trust and if you don't trust your boyfriend, then why even be together? I would set off if my boyfriend had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn't be going on a trip with my friend whichever sex they are! He should trust me and respect that I need time with other people as well. So I would never find that odd..

  7. Oh to the girl who is 22 and still alone , I am 39 and the same but I know he's out there for me I just haven't come across him yet ha🤦🏻‍♀️ hang on in there girl 😁😁😁. Love these video u guys do ….. I must be your oldest follower Haha….. I forget how old I am sometimes 🤭❤

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