how i learned to love being single (+ why you should too)


  1. As someone who's older than you and your subscribers, I appreciate what you said about growing older, acceptance of yourself and revealing your personal growth and realizations. You're not going to die alone, older skin is empowering and you learn shit loads of valuable knowledge as you age. Good for you, Ashley. You're way beyond your years.

  2. I love your content, and I'm sure you're aware that most of your audience are young girls who look up to you as a role model. Your message about not "counting" the people you sleep with is harmful not only for young girls but for everyone in general. You are promoting an unhealthy and irresponsible lifestyle that can affect someone physically and psychologically for life.
    'Hook up' culture reduces people to a number, just a body someone uses and then trashes away, don't get me wrong, anyone can have sex with whoever they want to but ideally it is better if it's someone they trust, respects them and values them, instead of a stanger you meet online, which is extremely dangerous.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  3. I was in a very toxic relationship and its been 5 years since i got out but sometimes i feel really sad cause i can't seem to connect with anyone.. And it makes me think sth is wrong with me u know?

  4. I mean….the whole "last guy you'll have sex with." is kinda the wrong wording for it, because it makes it sound as if you'll never have sex again. You will continue to have sex, and in many cases great sex because they know you sexually. Just because you don't date around doesn't mean you will not have any more fun in your sex life.

  5. my mum never restricted me from “dating” so me at age nine had a boyfriend, so i was the first to have a boyfriend of my friends but i also was the first to realise male attention is not that valuable

  6. I literally got this EXACT mind set after I graduated college!! It is so interesting seeing someone who agree, especially because so many people are getting married my age.

  7. I just found out your channel isn't just fashion, and I'm listening to all your videos daily like it's a fucking podcast. This is helping me soo much with the wrong ideas I have about love, sex and "self worth?". You are the big sister of YouTube and we all love you sweetie

  8. thank you so mch for this <3 I felt it all along and quarantine has helped me feel these things a lot more than I would have otherwise, and I am grateful for it!

  9. I broke up with my boyfriend last month and i gotta say that , i feel fu+king great being alone . I have more times for my family , friends ,studies, and the most important i have more time for myself! ❤️ u go gurl ❤️🥳

  10. This video had so much factual, calming and such comforting words for me and other single girls. You are amazing. I relate to this so much and I’ve actually stopped caring for dating apps. My next “time slot” isn’t dependent on a relationship with a man, but rather growing on my own and that excites me so much.

  11. Okay, so I'm going through a rough break up rn (i know, it's stupid.) and i just hiked alone while listening to this and this helped me a lot. So, thanks ashley.

  12. ashley's comparison of your life to a tv show really makes sense. you have a really long running series once you get a bit older and it starts, and you're the protagonist. you have a lot of minor characters in your story, returning characters, love interests, antagonists, etc. what you're struggling with now is just an arc that'll eventually end, and your show doesn't end until you actually do

  13. As a 28-year-old watching this at 5 in the morning, after staying up all night enduring a nightmarish case of period cramps, I feel useless and at the end of my youth having accomplished nothing.

    The period cramp is gone now though, so, hurray!!

  14. As a guy, I find the hook-up culture empty and shallow. I don't like this chuck-away culture and its 24hrs use-by date. It makes you jaded and less concerned with deeper feelings, imo.

  15. I think hookup culture is the most toxic thing in the USA and it does gross me out that she talks like it is uplifting. Thinking you need to sleep with more people before you marry is not the better way to look compared to the traditional way.

  16. I am still very young, but the sex culture in our society really scares me. I feel like i will be pressured to have sex immidiately after stepping into a relationship, when i actually like the "no sex before love" principle. it basically means that you and your partner develop a spiritual and emotional connection before developing a physical one. I am not even close to dating yet, but i think about this a lot and it makes me so confused and worried and stressed…

  17. You adressed so much problems in our society that i have been thinking about a lot.. i mean those about how women should compete for mens attention bla-bla, or aging. Our society is still so fucked up. Girls, we just need to know our value and support each other! We can´t fix all these problems at once, but we need to do our best in our own lives, our own ´small worlds´. I wish you all a good environment and true friends, but first of all – confindence

  18. Watching this video just to prepare myself for what things will be like after I break up with my boyfriend

    So thanks 😊 less to worry about

    (Long story hard to communicate with him being he’s so distant that’s why I haven’t yet)

  19. When someone has to make a video about "Love being single" = they are deathly afraid of actually being single as they move on in life, head towards 30 and realize they may join the ranks of women that are now single, alone over 30 w/ little or no prospects (As proven by government statistics coupled w/ statistics that marriage rates in the USA are now at 40 year lows).

    The problem w/ your generation: Your narcissistic thinking of believing you matter, or that more than .0000001% of the entire US population cares about your life while you and the other 100 million American females under 30, all look exactly the same, post the same moronic videos and continue to believe that what you do creates even a single job, single innovation or a single dollar of real GDP is absurd.

    It's so sad to watch such emotionally & socially stunted females across the USA live this delusional existence as if they are simply a legend in your own minds.

    Sadly by the time you truly grow up professionally & emotionally it may or may not be too late as your generation has little ability to think even 5 minutes ahead of yourselves.

  20. 10:00 Ughhh girl this describes my entire high school experience.

    That's super cool that we are both 21 though! Everything that you mentioned sounds like my life 😂 This is the first video I've watched of you and you are super cool. You earned a new subscriber 💜

  21. I am 54 years young, single, from Southern Maryland and I really appreciate your honesty in this video. This video is hitting on some points for my life as well. Thank you. I think I'm gonna watch it twice.

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