How I’ve been surviving being SINGLE


  1. Its hard its tuff not a lot of people realize that they need to grow alone as a person that they need self love self care… depression hits too… I was one of the many that denied much of the shit side of the universe it wasn’t until I met my ex that My perspective and views started changing dont get me wrong Im not saying I cant live without her… because I’ve proved myself I can… and her not being my life for the moment has made it easier we tried staying in contact but I was too in mature to handle it …. Im just hitting 20s and Im glad I realized it this earlier Ive been following up with Amber since her previous relationship but I think this was the best video I have yet seen not a lot of people talk about mental health Im glad Im seeing more people deal with it now because it could really change your future

  2. Am in the same boat as you and the best thing really is re-discovering who you really are and what you really want. And also going on a date with myself. For example I decided to take myself to the movies yesterday and let me tell you- I enjoyed the whole experience so much that I was literally crying going back home because I was so happy 🙂 . Love and light to you and such a beautiful soul cannot stay forever single 😉 !

  3. Thank you thank you thank you 😪😪😪 best heartbreak video ever!! Ive been trying to get over someone for almost 2 years now and looked everywhere for tips and tricks.. and this is sooo helpful! So smart and inspirational!! Thank you.. ❤

  4. Very recognizable story… It's only a few months after a long relationship and being on my own and dealing with my emotions is tough! When I was in a relationship i craved to be alone sometimes and now i am mainly trying to stay out of my head 😉

  5. Break ups are not easy but I learn the samething nothing is forever we have to learn just be by ourselves, heal ourselves, care for ourselves n most importantly love ourselves a lot to enjoy our own company.

  6. I can so much relate to what you are saying. Therefore I found myself a therapist 😅. And now, 7 months later. I'm fine being alone. Thank you for sharing 💖

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