How to: Be Happy Single (and why being single is amazing) | Girl Talk


  1. yesss being single is the best!! I feel like people our age feel as if they NEED to be in a relationship when in reality these are the best years to enjoy life & be independent! Also I felt the hobbies part too much 😂😩

  2. Stupid Girl! Your ONLY happily single in your teens and 20s. Come your 30s and up, its going to LITERALLY EATTTTTT AT YOUR MINDS. Your friends/ family will start to distance themselves from you. Still talk too you, but not as much like a person in a long distance relationship ends. The silence in your tiny apartments, condos, trailer parks, box rooms etc will be like bugs scratching at the inside of your skulls to get out, like a nervous tick you will start trying to drown out the silence, by blasting the TVs, playing loud music, partying, etc. But as you get older those tricks stop working, because women seek drama and conversation like a fish needs water to breath. Doesnt matter if your a extrovert or Introvert. In your 30s your energy will cut in half, you will no longer be able to work those trendy careers so easily. Your fertility goes on life support or is dead. Your looks begin to fade and depending what your job was, you may end up losing it. Pretty faces make money, but doesnt work like that if your older! Only so much clown make up can do to make you look good. The older you girls get the less likely you are to find a guy willing to put up with you. YOU can take this piece of advice to the bank and its going to cash for 90% of women.

    I suggest you do some research and look up all the women hitting the wall in 2020 and see how much whining they are doing. I shouldve did this and that. Womens youth is your #1 asset, all you need to do is chose 1 quality guy. Choose wisely and dont be so stupid to waste your best chance.

  3. Same here, being single makes me feel really good. Cause, I can do anything and whatever I want to do. Plus, I just hated drama cause arguing is just not you. But, you know SINGLE LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE!

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