1. My boyfriend broke up with me a year and a half ago because we weren't getting along. Surprisingly we got back together in February of this year using Love Spells. I got results after contacting this psychic (relationship_world@yahoo com )

  2. They always slay love yourself but to me when you say that to me it’s like wanting a puppy and getting a pet rock. What do I do with that? It’s like getting an ice cream sundae that is MEANT FOR TWO and having to eat it alone. So why would I do that? Self love is empty love. Cause you already know it’s coming so you can’t surprise yourself. Plus it’s too expensive. Enjoy your pet rocks people.

  3. Something I've come to realize is you have to look at Valentine's day for what it really is which is just another commercialized holiday that was created by society to sell material products. When you think about it Valentine's day is really an empty holiday with no religious or spiritual connection. If your in love with someone you should not need a commercialized holiday to base that love on. You should be showing your love to someone every single day. If you measure love by that single day in February your not trully in love. So when I realized that I don't even think about it to much.

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