How To REALLY Enjoy Being Alone | Living Alone & Being Single


  1. My family and I have always been super close I grew up with my siblings and a single mom so we always do things together, but now our family has grown. My mom just got married and my brother and sister always have their bf/gf over and I’m starting to get stressed out with the amount of things going on in my house. I want to move alone I need the peace and quiet but I’m scared that I’ll be lonely.

  2. Great 👍🏿 tips! I feel as though’ there’s no better way! It’s the only way’ when you have no choice! LIFE’ IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 😉… also’ I realized! No matter how much someone loves’ cares! Even’ obsess their dying love for you! Believe the truth’ when your being lowered down into the ground’ six feet under! That person that “ loves” you so much’ will never jump down in’ lay on top of your coffin ⚰️ to be with you forever 😏😏😏😏😏😏

  3. 👍 have read some below comments. And i personally champion that i live alone and thoroughly enjoy cooking. Do i wish i could share some of my well prepared meals ? Yes, of course. But that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of a well prepared meal. Plus i don’t want unwanted extemporaneous conversation and i like to watch what i want, on tv,computer,. Etc. Selfish? Maybe. I planned my life this way. 😌😊
    Maybe a new acronym is in order. S.P.R., ,, single people rule. I’m independent, not dependent on anyone else. 👍

  4. I’m gonna be 21 in 2 months and I just moved into an apartment on my own for the first time. I know I’m gonna be on my own for a few months until my mom’s boyfriend‘s daughter and her friend are going to come live with me. So I found this video at the right time, thank you.

  5. "Suicide is another thing that’s so frowned upon in this society, but honestly, life isn’t for everybody. It really isn’t. It’s sad when kids kill themselves ’cause they didn’t really give it a chance, but life is like a movie: if you’ve sat through more than half of it and it sucked every second so far, it probably isn’t gonna get great right at the very end for you and make it all worthwhile. No one should blame you for walking out early. "– Doug Stanhope

  6. This is all true.. wow… I am going through a "cleanse" right now… I lost who I was because I would always hang around people and adjust my interests to them. I lost who I was… I forgot to pay attention to my needs and what I want and I gave up a lot of it too for others. I had to be broken before I realized this. Now I am alone most of the time, it t difficult. Lonely at first, but just keep going, figure out who you are for yourself and what you like and go do it by yourself. You'll realize yeah, it gets lonely but it actually is fun knowing this new "friend" you see everyday in the mirror.

  7. I loved living alone – I have been in a wonderful relationship now for about 20 years BUT we give each other the space to be us … in my relationship I have never been happier … in my other areas not so good which is why I have been binge watching this series – thanks for sharing

  8. Some people thrive living alone – in fact that's how they fill their tank. But others need being around other people to fill their tank. It doesn't mean they can't be single, but they cannot be alone!

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