How To Stop Feeling Lacking and Worried About Being Single (Stop Feeling Lonely)


  1. This is so not true. It isn't about getting love. It's about a desire to share love!!! When you don' t have an opportunity to share it, it is hard. No one said they change the negative. No one said that. That is what you said.

  2. I want to hear your opinion in 25 years . i am 55 and i regret being single . your mind will play horrible games with you . thats the true sad truth .

  3. Hell ya men I got opinion abt girls that girls or women only want money!!

    Finding a girl who loves you even when you are not goddamn rich or when you are broke, such women exist 1 in million so stop finding that girl only luckiest guy gets that women.

    Stop doing a favour to girls and women in hope that they will start loving you, that's fool's hope.
    Boys make your dream and your work your girlfriend you betterhalf bcoz your dream and your work will always be their even if everyone kicks your ass!!

  4. I can attest that in my last relationship I was more stressed and full of anxiety than when I’m single rn. I fell into the rabbit hole that I need to be with someone to have a sense of self worth and happiness that’s why we rushed into it without really knowing each other. I’ve been single for about 6 months and I’ve learned a lot about myself and how toxic my last relationship was and how after really knowing her I found more red flags. Being busy with work and other things have kinda shut me out from a lot of social opportunities I know that for now a relationship would do me more harm than good and that I need to know myself and be happy with myself before I can share that with someone else.

  5. Honestly, I couldn’t even listen to this because I have just gone through another breakup. I swear the only reason why I’m so upset is because I kept giving so much of myself to these people who don’t care. Then your left alone with nothing left to be able to love yourself.

    Not sure if any of that makes else to anyone else.

  6. Been single for 19 years now and I’ve been single and never had a partner. I don’t see it happening anytime soon unfortunately some people just aren’t meant for this

  7. The premise that a relationship can't solve ALL your problems or make all your negative feelings go away, and therefore should not be focused on is so flawed. Nobody said it will solve all problems. But it will have a very meaningful effect on very significant problems of loneliness, lack of emotional connection, affection. Being starved of these things is like being starved of food. Your life is draining away. When you get food, it doesn't solve all your problems. But you sure as heck needed it, and it sure as heck solved a significant problem and improved your well being.

    Further and on the other side of the coin, consuming too much food, relying on it more than necessary is detrimental to your health. We NEED food, but we don't need to be consuming it at every waking moment. You have other pursuits, and other areas of life to nurture. Likewise, we don't or shouldn't need love 24/7, but we do still need an adequate source of it in order to thrive.

  8. I’m single I’ve gotten rejected a lot 😭😔😢 I’m almost 22 and I still never had a first kiss or been in a relationship I’m miserable my 18 year old cousin’s in a relationship and I’m still alone I can’t win wtf

  9. I think your video is great!!!! I have started wondering what the difference is between codependency and loneliness. For me: It's not about getting someone else to love you or validate you. Some people believe in monogamy. And they only want one person to share a life with. We are made for companionship. We have needs. We can't thrive alone. I think that piece is different than codependency. It's very painful when you love romance and romantic things and you have to do them alone. Also, sometimes you need people to lift you up from time to time. I don't know if you can explain that difference.

  10. So what I got from this is I’ll always be sad whether I’m alone or not, because the reason I’m sad is I want a connection with someone but if that won’t make me happy what will

  11. Everyone, I mean everyone, says I should be happy alone and be thankful I’m alive. Why are so many other people blessed with companionship and partners. I guess they all should be alone to. I guess I was lucky to have breath. It doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone makes me feel like I ask too much. I don’t want anything or anyone. I give up. I wish I didn’t live in such a cold world where the lucky receive love.

  12. Being lonely sucks ass especially when you feel like no one wants to be romantically involved with you everyone wants to be your friend it sucks looking at couples happy together when nobody wants to flirt with you or give you that look im so scared to flirt because i have been abused in a relationship i feel withdrawn from women because im scared to flirt and feel like there enemies its terrible!

  13. I manifested my boyfriend. . I just believed that I would have one even when I didn't and I met him. it didn't happen over night but whenever someone asked me if I was single (I didn't like them) I would say I have a boyfriend, even though I didn't but those words manifested him to me.

  14. Being single is not an emotional problem, believing such a thing is a categorical error. Nobody is happy 100% of the time all the time. I learned this theory when I independently studied grief and bereavement. If one experiences one emotion all the time, they'd pass out from exhaustion. It is a error on the part of the single person, and a misinterpretation on the part of those trying to "help" them. Being single or dating or married or in a relationship has nothing to do with emotions. People desires to have relationships is driven by their sexuality so it makes sense there are some people that do not like being single. The problem with some people is that they approach their problem in a inappropriate way.

    Single people that do not like being single don't desire to "feel" an particular emotion (happiness), they desire to find a relationship which is totally different than a desire to "feel" a particular way. It is a categorical error I suppose. They are in fact simply misinterpreting their problem whey they suggest they "feel" lonely or "unhappy", which causes people attempting to help them to also misinterpret their problem and suggest the wrong advice. It is like an obese person going to an auto mechanic for advice to lose weight and the mechanic giving them advice about hair loss. It is ridiculous.

  15. this was a really good watch and an eye opener. thank you very much for this. i never really thought about it but it just makes so much sense now. i always thought i was unhappy because i never found the right person while in reality its because of how i make myself feel with my thoughts. i have to work on myself and improve my well being mentally, emotionally and physically.

  16. No body in this world can make u happy make urself happy what makes you think someone can make u happy as for me don't know anyone to make me happy u are the key to ur happiness if u can not be happy when u are alone than I don't believe u will be happy when u are with someone

  17. My problem is this that I have friends but when I am eith my classmates, girls just go to the Boyd and they talk to them. Personal I am not interested of Guya but I have friends and that iz the point… I think that my Best friends are just not my Best friends! For example… My Best friend doesn't like one pop hrup and I feel in Love with them and I became depressed… This happend at Summers holidays…. So se went Back to school and a few weeks later my friend asked me Why I am like that. I tried to explain to her but se just say that I am Just imagining things. But things get worst! I became more depressed!! For my Look I have one friend that picks me up when I am down and she knows that my feellings are not made to Play with it. But I'm okay now. I am trying to be more happy. I have bad days but it still hurts so bad. I can't tell you how I feel.🖤🖤🖤
    Like it you feel the same♥️😔🌍

  18. From one social being to another social being(Another Human)… I must say… Heh. Love is more then being happy with your Sexual/Married status. You are speaking on a topic that has more facets then you thought your script for the video was. At-least you tried. Next time speak about only your version of happiness or aspects of your status. Maybe do a video that viewers suggest.

    Good luck in life, and your next endeavor.

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