1. I'm 60 and never been in love! And now I'm facing cancer. Life is what you make it! I made many bad choices and paid a high price for it. But I made one good choice – I chose Jesus. Yes I failed in what the world would call success but I will at least have Heaven with Jesus forever!

  2. do not follow this advice.. get married as soon as you can.. I get it.. many men and many women today are behaving disrespectful and are just 100% unable to love or respect.. now do not give up!! turn off your tv and these kinds of medias!! and go back to the way of the scriptures.. learn about how to behave from that!! you have been mislead and now you have no guidance!! turn back to God's ways!! men and women must not be at war or compete.. these new modern people who claim they are christians do not follow the ways of jesus!! they want to be modern and accepted by the new modern society.. now we do not need them!! we need God and his acceptance.. get married and get kids.. it will fill your lives with joy and not only that.. you are doing what is right!! which will be part of your record for eternity!!

  3. I'm perfectly happy being single. I've been single my whole life, and being in a romantic relationship sounds horrible to me. There's other things I'd rather spend my time and money on.

  4. Hi Lizzie, thank you so much for this video. You have such great advice. Even for people who don't mind being single, your points about being passionate about something and exploring creative outlets while you are young and have time was very wise. You did an amazing job; if you had not said anything I wouldn't have known this was unscripted. God bless you 🙂

  5. I love this video! It helped me so much because I've been single for so long & I have started to want a boyfriend. And this is an awesome & detailed/reason-filled video for it being filmed without a script!!

  6. After a bad break up I decided to just do me. I was in the middle of doing me when the guy who is now my husband came into my life. We got to know each other due to working at the same place. And soon he asked me out. I at first said no, as I wasn't looking for a relationship and there is a bit of an (8 1/2 years) age difference between us. One day when I was feeling rather lonely and wondering if I was ever going to meet the right guy I found myself praying for God to at least send me a sign that the right guy was out there. And as I did the sun broke threw some clouds, as I watched it, the rays of sun broke right where my now husband was standing. I believe my husband was God sent to me. I've always believed God would send me the right guy. That's why I was single for ALOT of my life and I was fine with it, save for some lonely days but I think we all have those.

  7. Can you make a video about how your first kiss went? Cuz I am only 14 and I am freaking out about it. Do you think you can talk or explain how it felt or something? I think it would help me through my freak attack. I never had my first kiss and I just want to hear from someone who makes advice videos that tells us how it went and what to do when it ever gets to that point in a relationship. It would really help me.
    Thanks for reading!☺

  8. I do not understand people being so focused on not being a relationship. I feel like it may be they don't know what a boyfriend or husband is. My husband is my best friend. It is fine to not be so physically crazy about your husband, boyfriend, because in the end after at least 30 years later, it won't matter.

    I know a girl who really detests pairing up for no reason.

  9. I have a current journal right now that I need to use. I unfortunately threw out all my journal when I was going through my first episode (I wound up in the psych ward). I have more CDs than you. in 1997 I worked for a cafeteria. I bought one CD a week. (I like new age music, yes I'm Christian too). We are so much alike. Debate, dance (although I was in Marching band, and I don't think you were). I can't sew. I suggest the environmental club, I did that for 3 years. We went by the river and picked up trash.

  10. I laughed when I read the title. I only want to be single. I've had numerous guys propose to me. When I was married I realized I wanted to be single. (I think I'm asexual). I've turned down so many guys. I still remember George. He gave me a rosary that I have to this day. He died though, I was sad.

  11. There was a study done back in the 60s (if you are interested, just google "rat park study". I'll leave it up to each of you to look it up.) where there was a strong implication that drug use is based on environment or outlook. Essentially, if people are living generally happy lives they are much less likely to utilize drugs. If people are living in a very negative situation or have a negative attitude they are much more vulnerable to drug abuse.

    Also, I don't agree with the way Lizzie is describing a relationship as something that sucks you in completely. If you get the right kind of partner they will be just as passionate about getting out and doing things as you are, and the only thing that will change is that you are now doing those things with your best friend instead of alone.

  12. Thank you so much for putting my comment in your video!!! I just finished my freshman year of college. I think one of the issues I have is feeling really alone a lot with depression and sometimes struggle with making really close friendships and that might make me feel as if I need to be in a relationship to be happy, however I've started to feel a little bit better about being single. I've definitely been involved with extracurricular activities but maybe doing more fun things could help. Thanks so much for the advice and I will try to do it.

  13. Hey Lizzie! something I'd love to hear you talk about: If and when you get married, do you plan/picture always having a career or could you ever see yourself being a homemaker when you have kids?? I'd love for you to discuss this from a personal/intellectual/biblical perspective.

    Thanks! I have loved your videos for years – keep up the great work and I'm so happy to see that you're doing better with your mental health. God bless! <3

  14. Hi. Can you quickly tell me how to be happy being single?BTW, I LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS!!!I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to be in a relationship because I know that it will distract me from all the schoolwork and extra curricula and family time and stuff. BUT, I am really attracted to this one person.

  15. Lizzie I've been watching your videos for a while. I just want to thank you for all your insight. Your videos always give me this new perspective to look at life with. This one might not have been relevant to my life. However, I found aspects that just really spoke to me. I think you have an amazing mind. You inspire me to discover my best self in Christ. I hope that all your goals are met and that you continue to share your wisdom.❤️😄

  16. Why it's better to be single.
    1: You have more time to do your own things.
    2: You don't have to deal with break ups, or if he's/she's cheating on you.
    3: Your best friends are more fun. (Well, it depends actually 😂)

  17. Lizzie ill be honest i am content being single but when i really like a girl, i really like her and then i get heart broken and she ends up with someone else. Ive being going through that for years and i still care for them. 🙁

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