I HATE DATING (Top 5 Reasons I Love Being Single)


  1. Dating is a waste of time at work I'm the only one single the rest of coworkers are married and they always brags me about their wifes or children and i just stare to them like wtf like if i care!!!!!

  2. I'm where you're at tbh. I did the dating thing my whole 20s and was always living for someone else. Now I have goals and aspirations and my relationships keep failing because I don't want to sacrifice my hard work to be with someone.
    Also, I am sooooooo done with dating apps and going out to look for it. It's always the same old games where they "play it cool" and message me three days later instead of just talking to me. Like, talk to me! Let's see if we can even be friends before we establish if we can be romantic 😂😂but whatever.
    Deleted my apps, gonna stop looking for it and keep my eye on the bag.
    Like you said, if someone comes along be open but yeah. Thinking about romance is too distracting from my goals 💯

  3. Ooooohhhh Phil. Sweet, sweet Phil. I dont think finding a mate should be ur sole priority in life. I'm on board with a lot you said here but counter point, lol, consider the possibility that when you find a person who helps you be the best you then maybe your goals will be achieved quicker or you might build a better more successful plan for your own future. If u have a partner who just eats ur time and consumes your energy then they ain't the one. They are just a life experience to help you find out who u really are or what you want to become. When you find that "perfect" person for you, you will find that u are achieving your goals and making new ones. Your perfect person will want to help you succeed in what makes you happy and vice versa. Single is fun for sure but everybody needs a 1yr, a 5yr, a 10 yr plan for themselves and the right person will come along while has a their own plan that matches up with yours. Isn't the exact same plan but your plans will match up in momentum and goals per say. A partner makes it easier to grow and develope and succeed. They shouldn't want it to be all about just them or expect you to fix them. You should jell easily together without a battle for whose plan is the most important. It should yin and yang. Give and take equally
    Support all the time without being all consuming. Done give up Phil. Your person is out there right now an an emotional/spiritual/career/life plan journey that just helps with yours. For now when you find that nx person, keep it offline and discover each other. Right now you are this amazing firework that is just going nanners all over the sky but with a little focus and a plan your fireworks could be this amazing artistic light show that sends a clear message of love and responsibility that inspires this world to be a better place. I see so much potential in you and I'm so stoked to be here from the ground up watch u grow n learn and become this amazing humanitarian that literally helps change the lives of the underprivileged for the better. Much love Phil! Xoxoxox

  4. Fuuuucccckkkk! I’m 29. Basically have never been single. This is so much truth. Dated so many Jimbos….. god dammit. Currently feel like I’m missing out on soooo much and soooo behind and in a rut because of a relationship. I am a weak human 😑

  5. Being single is great in your 20s but when you find that right person that makes your knees weak everytime you are with them and get you oh man that's amazing!!! I love your honesty x

  6. Wait I’m trying to think of a time I met a dude who wasn’t married to himself….these aren’t secrets ladies! Dudes don’t mature until later on in life and that’s fine! Just remember…before you get horizontal make sure that he fixes broken shit in the house first lololol

  7. #eatpraylove
    Reading the comments, this really struck a nerve with some people…
    Simply put, Phil you aren't ready to make a commitment. And that's ok. You know yourself better than anyone else.
    Having a partner is about compromising, you don't want to compromise right now in Your life. That's ok too.
    For all the people upset about this vlog; Phil just being himself and allowing us to see him in the most vulnerable light. We should just appreciate we are along on the journey vicariously.

  8. It takes over a year to really get to know someone and more… its commitment ❤ that time is mostly where you test eachother and see how it goes and if it works out. It takes sacrifices 👏 and willingness to commit 💯💞🙏 I'm 7 years in a relationship (24 years old)and it will never be perfect because no one is perfect.

    Its beautiful being in a relationship and have someone go through the hardships with you, someone who has your back and just enjoying each others time. 🌅

    What you seek is seeking you 🔎

  9. *Fun facts*: It is believed that monogamy really took off in ancient Greece and Rome. Polygamy losing favor because the most successful men were stealing and hoarding all the wives. With monogamy instated, lower ranking men would be able to have wives, and that was good for their armies. Single men often left to go find a wife, meaning they wouldn't be there to pay taxes or be a soldier, and in some cases, they could be motivated by being awarded a wife for military service. This is what caused a shift in how we socially see relationships, and then later on with the institution of marriage and all the legal benefits, it became even more normal.
    Other theories that are slightly less credible, but still interesting are STDs spread faster with more partners and bigger groups, and in more primitive times, pairing up can help a new father ensure a rival male doesn't walk up and kill his infant to make the mother ready to mate faster and continue their own genetic lineage rather than that of the other male.
    So yeah, dating and relationships can be whatever you want and don't need to be based off any of this. Do your thing, as long as it is done safely!

  10. “Dating might be a waste of time” totally, I completely agree. I think when you’re in the mindset you are about taking time for yourself and dating, it almost doesn’t matter who you meet. Your priorities don’t include building something with another person – and relationships are a lot of work and a lot of time. Relationships working out between two people are so much about timing and headspace. You can certainly meet the “right” type of person, but if the timing isn’t right in their life, or you’re/they’re in a weird space/phase in life, it certainly won’t work.

  11. You didn’t really date Chloe. You met and moved in on day one 24/7. Didn’t get to know each other and burnt out before it started. You both were intense.
    Good luck. Just keep living.

  12. Fucking A!!! I agrrree! I never accomplished more in my life than when I was single and ready to mingle! Do whatcha gotta do P and all you youngsters! Be true to yourself and you will stay happiest ❤️

  13. It is too bad you can't find someone to share your dreams with. I am lucky I guess I married my bestfriend and we have been married for 12 years and I love him more and more each year!!

  14. I wish more people thought like that regarding dating. I think a lot of people think they have to be with someone- for whatever reason. But you should just do what you need to do and when it's meant to be with someone it will happen. #wolfpaqrules 🐺

  15. I have been committed to myself for over a year bro!!! I even wear a band on my wedding ring finger cuz of it. I promised myself I couldn't cheat myself out of living!!!! I feel u so hard on this video!!!! Love u bro!!!! ✊ ❤️

  16. The last one, number 5, I ask Nonstop: “who” & “they”…who the hell are they?!?! Drives me crazy when I hear people say “ya know what they say….” NO?! WHO are THEY!?! And WHY did they become so known by the world to know what WE say TODAY?!?!🤷‍♀️🤬🤓🤜🏼🤛🏼
    ~~✌🏽💝🙏~~ Susan

  17. I had a friend that thought but what happens if I'm with this guy but there might be someone that's perfect out there and I miss out. Seriously she's in her 50's she's still single. Never go out looking..Relax and Enjoy life because it's better sharing memories and experiences with others but not if it makes you miserable 😋

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