"I Love Being Single, But Wish I had Someone To Help Me Pay Bills"


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  2. I'll help you pay your bills… Assign me Power of Attorney over your finances, add my name to your checking account, and compensate me for being Attorney in Fact over your total net worth, and the means to put you on a budget, control your spending, and give you an allowance, so that every month you come in under budget. #MeToo No representation without compensation.

  3. Hahahahahhaha I didn't see this one coming actually. I'm so used to paying my bills and rent alone that I never think about how it would be nice to split it. I loved with a girl once, but that was 8 years ago. I've been living on my own paying for everything and haven't complained, but this bitch probably got dumped around 25-30 realized she's been being babied for all of her adult life, and instead of being an adult and just shutting up and handling you responsibilities, this bitch sits down and writes an article that everyone besides thots already is aware of. All I need to know about this chick can be answered by one question… Would she do anything she's asking for, for a man? Would she work full time while the man went to school, say around and drink miller… I'm guessing 100% no. So why would men want to do any of these for her entitled fucking ass

  4. My ex did the same to me… after I paid for her college, she started thinking of herself as the superior half, and no sooner did she find a job, she monkey-branched. Never again… I have learned from experience.

  5. I was talking to this white girl, who basically was bragging to me about how all these guys she talks to pay her for her time and attention and how basically she only gets with important men that spend money on her ..ect.. i ended up smashing after knowing her for 4 hours. I didnt even try or want to have sex with her, but she wouldnt get the hell out of my face.. after only knowing her for less than a week, she sent me a "cash app" request for 10$.. i laughed and told her never ask me for shit. She ended up taking me out and spending money on ME all the time..the only thing i ever bought her was a "plan B pill"… anyways i say all this to say, i will never understand that whole situation..what made her spend money on me like that when i never asked her for anything nor try to be with her

  6. My mother stated to me the other day that she felt bad for my ex that want to be with me because she is alone. I said WTF, I am alone and I can tell you this. She never lost a dime to a man, I lost 7k to that ex. I have never dated a single girl that I did not lose money on, all I was to them was a financial benefit to each of them. Done with them all! MGTOW

  7. This entire article just oooooOOOOooozes female privilege… This is all shit EVERY man has to deal wirh, but "it sucks!" when a woman has to do the same things. Welcome to adulthood in the equal rights era, lady….

  8. You do not want to read my opinion about Millennials. Although, to be fair. Generation X isn't much better considering they're the ones educating Millennials and Generation Z. Then we come to the Baby Boomer generation which has to be truly the worst generation of them all. That generation basically led the way to second-wave feminism and a massive upswing of no-fault divorce.

  9. She's just fishing for a law that transfers money directly from men to women without women being forced to be with a man. If she thinks of a man as a wallet, she doesn't even want a wallet, but just its contents.

  10. I raised a daughter by myself since she was 1 yo. Would it suprise anyone to hear that not one of the many women who saw me struggle and saw my daughter do without any female presense in her life did not swoop in to love or support us? Lol no. As a side note the daughter i raised is 18 and has been working and pulling her own weight since she was 16. Shes a team player and because of that we are surviving.

  11. Destinys child had two hits, one says”all the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me” and another that says “will you pay my bills? Pay my automobiles pay my telephone bills”

  12. I'm 56.. being SINGLE to me means NO SEX… I haven't touched a woman in 7 yrs.. I really miss Sex. Women obviously do not miss ME… considering I am ugly..old.. with no money. So I live without sex.. I don't call myself Incel because that's stupid… I could buy sex.. but I won't. NOT going to hire a hooker to lay there while the entire time she is hoping I get it over with so she can go screw someone else for more money. Somewhere down the line in my life I lost whatever it is to attract and get a woman.

  13. Well, I’m MGTOW. And proud of it. And I have bragging Rights. I don’t have any ex wives. Don’t have any ex girlfriends. No ex lovers. Never had to pay child support. Never had to pay alimony. Never been falsely accused of rape. Never had STDs. Enough said.

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