In Celebration of Being Single - Pastor Mark Gungor


  1. My message to men is this. GO MGTOW!!!! From someone whos been married for 19 years.. STAY SINGLE!!!!!!!!!! Avoid years of drama and the risk of losing it all in a divorce… STAY SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is so awesome! I am singles leader at my church and its an up hill battle. We need more recognition of singles and their value.

  3. Church or clubs,married people tend to click with each other & being single can seem to be a problem for some with nasty comments like they think one is trouble & or should be sent off to some far off land & not liked at all for one's own self as a person & if one does not or never had children ,regarded as some one who has not earned their lot in life,neighbours are the same,they have this sense of entitlement in life.It is a cross to bear & a damn pain in the neck generally.

  4. Young SINGLE PEOPLE are very ill. These days. Autoimmune disorders. Food allergies. Migrains. Depression from Traumatic wounding MISTREATMENT ABUSIVE treatment a home. In schools. Beatings. Rapes by perverts of authorities. Chronic Fatigue syndrome.Fibromyalgia. ADHD. BI POLAR. DISORDERS. WIDOWS SUFFER. BACK INJURIES. LEG INJURIES. THEY ARE UNSTABLE bodies. Unable to KEEP UP the spiritual PACE. WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF The WEAK & injuried older children. How.?????

  5. god of Abraham is a cult of death…they sell you on something that they have no proof of and all they want is your money, time and your life in this life! Just a old myth !

  6. May God have mercy on Muhammed – peace be upon him – who said that marriage was a part of his tradition; and whoever refrains from getting married (while able to) does not belong to him.

  7. Interesting message but single people do not want other people’s husbands and wives. As a single in Church I do find it very difficult and often don’t feel fully included.

  8. Married people can do more than they think. They're just often using being married as an excuse. I was married once. And I became a single mom. It was far easier to be involved with extra things as a married person, than as a single mom. Of course I wanted a break! But I had to bring home enough income to raise my kids! Married families usually have two incomes. A single parent has an incredible burden in the area of finances.

  9. And yet, Paul seems to change his mind about marriage a little bit, toward the end of his life.
     I Corinthians was written while he was relatively young, and early in his ministry.
    But toward the end of his ministry, he tells Timothy that the younger widows ought to remarry… which is directly opposite from what he says in 1 Cor 7!
    Also, in 1 Cor 7, Paul says you can serve the Lord better if you're unmarried.
    But in 1 Timothy 3, he says the opposite, recommending that bishops and deacons be married!

  10. I sometimes wonder why Jesus used the word "eunuchs" in Matthew 19:12? Eunuchs are men who have been castrated so they can attend to groups of women in harems without any temptations to have sex. He says some were born that way, some were made that way by men, and some have chosen to be eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven! Well obviously no man is born castrated that I know of. I suppose there may be some people born without sex organs or having some disabilities that prohibit sex. Some are made that way by men. That could be literal castrated male eunuchs, but I would also think it refers to men who lost their sex organs in war, accidental injuries, or some types of illnesses. But the ones who choose to refrain from marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven have functioning sex organs but choose to refrain from ever using them! I have a friend who is 63 and never had a dating relationship or marriage. He has never had sex nor does he miss it. But what about singles who are single not by choice but because of some inadequate emotional problems or inability to bond relationally with members of the opposite sex. They have a more difficult journey. They do have a desire for sexual intimacy, but must give it up for their entire life. They cannot have sex. They must not have sex! But is that really so terrible? They must learn, as those who choose to refrain from marriage, to serve the Lord with undivided devotion. I know it's possible to live this way. God will bear you up but you must let him do so!

  11. I'm single and have been a single Christian all my 35 years. Normally I value and enjoy Marks teachings and thoroughly enjoy the "Laugh your way ti a better marriage" (which by the way, is good for singles to listen to). However this sermon is offensive. Firstly, how dare you assume inviting singles to a meal would mean there is temptation for affairs. Get over yourself! And calling singles "these people" as if we are a specific group. Without intention he has referred to us as people who are weak. Being single isn't a disability. Plus I often minister to my married friends and I know (through the spirit), I bring wisdom to many married problems and even give sound advice. I am a successful career Christian woman. I'm busy, but I find my calling in the church ministries. We aren't donkeys meaning married people should step back. The amount of parents who don't help in childrens work is shameful. It's your kids! Anyway, mini rant over.

  12. Mark; you talk about inviting singles over. When have you taken a single flying. I'm a single Christian without a plane. You can pick me up at CYFD. Ha ha. We could punch some holes in the sky. What do you have for a plane?

  13. Your a smart man using humour to suck people into you religious beliefs. Are you even aware of all the other religions out there?!? You must, we are all aware of it. Over whelming. As a society if we took religious beliefs out of the picture we could become one as a world. Religion has divided us and even started wars. Really is that what we are all about. Get a grip people. And if there is a one almighty show your self and show the world so we can unite as one.

  14. Oh one thing I forgot. Your so contradicting as well. What is next? Going to manipulate others in to mass suicide in the name of god?!? We live life to the fullest, respect love, honour our friends, lovers and people in general. Then we die. End of story. If you believe in god it's because of the devil. And to be honest neither exist. So stop worrying about life after death, and live your life like you want. Married or unmarried.

  15. Loved your woman's brain verses woman's brains. So funny. However you subscribe to the religious cultism that is all fiction. You seem like a smart and funny person however have fallen into the bible. It's a novel written may hundreds of years ago. And it's so misinterpreted in so many ways. Are you that brain dead to think that "David" even in this day and age could do what he did. Never!! If there was the one and only mighty why do we have so many different religions. Simple fact of the matter is as humans we develop our own beliefs. So we take what we like from one religion, regard the rest, start a new one and enable our other beliefs. Hence why there our multiply religions in this world. If there was one al mighty everyone would believe in the "one". Your simply a cult leader just like all in power in whatever religion you believe in. Well done tho, adding in modern day things like Arnold. My believe tho is we don't need religious/cults dictating our lives. Believe in you, stay true to yourself and don't let religion rule your life because it's what they want you to believe in. Believe in your self, your abilities not what some novel or preacher is telling you to believe in. That's why they are called preachers, manipulate you to believe in fiction and their story of belief. Do the right thing for you and don't follow. My rant thank you.

  16. I have managed to overcome masturbation & porn by the grace of God, I am now at least about 2 and a half months clean (don't count the time as I'm not going back). It will take prayer and a determination to change and stop what you are doing to change as well as perseverance through the struggle. One thing that will help you is to be proactive about the situation though, don't take an ipad or phone or whatever you view the porn on into the toilet or wherever it is you do your business or set up parental controls on it. The first few weeks to a month are always the hardest just as with any addiction & when I quit initially I was spending entire days writhing around restlessly while doing ordinary activities. It is in our weakness that He is glorified though & I almost gave up a number of times but he God me through it (this is my 3rd attempt to quit for good) but he got me through it this time. I would like to take credit for quitting but I know this isn't the case, I couldn't last more than 2 weeks without his help. So it's a miracle in itself that I am still clean to this day. The urge to do it is waning now and that is down to God, time lapse & being responsible enough to not expose your mind to stimuli that would make you want to do it (still have a few slip ups). The reason why I have quit is partly due to wanting to please God & due to having an eye on my future (17 btw), I will have a wife one day and this isn't something I want to be battling with as well as due to the negative physical effects that masturbation brings. An analogy I believe God gave me is defeating the dragon while it is still small rather than facing it when it is at the height of its' power. Drawing up a list of reasons why you want to quit may help. You may also want to pray a side prayer that God would undo any of the side effects that masturbation & porn brings about and purify your mind. Remember God won't force you to do anything & you have to have a desire to quit even when it gets tough. I am now certain that the addiction to masturbate comes from demonic influence and you need God's help to defeat them.

  17. Any Christian who verbally abused or physically abused a homosexual not grasp the message of love and grace that Jesus gave us, I can only apologize for them, Jesus only hates the sin, not the sinner and he came to set the captives free. Don't let these people keep you away from Jesus & our creator God who has nothing but love for you.
    Abuse is not right and neither is homosexuality, because it is unnatural and goes against the natural order we see in nature, night after day, north and south poles, there is a natural balance that keeps things in equilibrium, homosexuality goes against this. Men are naturally more dominant, so one of you will have to play the role of a woman, naturally more submissive and vice versa, that natural balance is lost when you partake in homosexuality.
    Secondly, I have no idea why anyone would want to stick their penis in an anus anyway it is a filthy place that was meant to only dispose of waste, which we do on such a regular basis that it is downright awkward for the act to take place, for women it is just awkward too, so purely from a biological mechanics point of view it is an incorrect use of sex. As well as this there is a higher risk of HIV if you insert foreign objects to your anus & are promiscuous as well as prostate cancer, wrong from a health point of view.
    Thirdly it makes sense that 2 people who claim to be in love would eventually want to get married. This creates a huge problem as marriage was something created by God and the sanctity of marriage needs to be upheld, we as human beings have no right to redefine marriage. God states in the Bible that it should be between a man and a woman who are bonded in marriage, sex should occur in no other form, make no mistake about it, I see fornication and adultery as sexual sins which are on par with homosexuality.
    Fourthly it is the doorway to other immoral behaviours such as pedophilia and incest becoming legalized. They will point to the freedom that homosexuality has been given and come up with the same arguments, “some people prefer to keep it in house get over it”, “some people like kids get over it”. Their argument is exactly the same, they were born with unnatural desires that are not their fault. So who says they are wrong, our ever changing morality? it's a case of allowing all or none.
    This is not a message against the person engaging in homosexuality but one against the behaviour of homosexuality as you would attack the act of lying rather than liars. Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin. I don't hate or dislike them for it but at the same time cannot be telling them that what they are doing is ok, I will leave it up to them to want to change (free will) but with prayer to God in Jesus’ name and in faith you can be delivered.
    People are confused and are being led astray by the lie the devil is telling them that you should act on every urge and listen to your bodies rather than God, our loving Heavenly Father. People aren't born gay as your sexuality only develops in your teens & maybe early twenties like your body. People who think they are gay (you are not) have unnatural urges and need deliverance but sexuality is also affected by your environment, upbringing and circumstance. If you want to spend ridiculous money on a Lamborghini you ignore that urge as you know that would bankrupt you, if you want to eat berries you know are poisonous, you ignore this urge as you know this will harm you, why don't you act the same way with your sexuality as it is harming your ability to naturally reproduce, soul, Spirit and relationship with God, for males there is an increased risk of H.I.V & prostate cancer from this act, promiscuity is a factor too.

  18. There is a spiritual connection that occurs during sex that people aren't aware of. Once a man and a woman are sexually joined, that union in never supposed to be broken, sex acts as the adhesive in a relationship. As you know you don't add superglue to two things you want to pull apart in the morning or you plan to pull apart at some point. You cannot pull two things apart that have been super-glued together easily and when you do you cause damage, this is the feeling of heartbreak and why they say you never get over your first love. You drag the memories and spiritual attachment which has not be severed into your next relationship, with time you may be able to get over it, but coming into contact with that person would awake those feelings again and you'd be right back at square one again, this bond is not easily broken and only God can sever it. Marriage is a sacred bond and the only environment that sex should take place in.
    Engaging in fornication is like stapling two papers together, you cannot pull them apart again without doing damage to both papers or people, this is heartbreak. If you keep engaging in fornication that is another staple going through you spiritually, you pull it out and you have another hole, eventually you don't even feel the staples going in and thus don't feel heartbreak, this isn't a good thing as it means you are so weak spiritually that your ability to spiritually bond with another human is so weak you don't even feel a true emotional connection to another being. Such a person now operates on only carnal instincts and would have no problem cheating, it is best to avoid them when dating or courting. Only God can break the chains and restore their ability to form strong emotional or spiritual connections.
    Another analogy for engaging in fornication is that it is like sticking a post-it note to a paper, the first time the bond between the paper and post-it note or 2 people is strong, if you then remove it and stick it on another paper, a bit of the adhesive is left behind on the paper, the memories, love they shared, which can never be forgotten unless God steps in, that paper or person is now scared. The post-it note goes from paper to paper doing the same thing but each time it's ability to attach to the paper is weakened as it's adhesive or love is spread out. Eventually it can no longer attach to the paper, no longer resists being removed (heartbreak or true love) and if it tries to attach to another paper can no longer do so. Likewise a person who engages in fornication eventually loses the ability to form spiritual and emotional attachments and only feels no heartbreak due to being broken inside, they would find it easy to cheat. That person can only be helped by God. These are the dangers of promiscuity and fornication.
    Sex is like nuclear energy and powerful force that generates a strong bond within a relationship but like nuclear energy in an unsafe, unstable environment it is potentially deadly and can end up destroying and ruining rather than strengthening and powering up a relationship. Once you have sex you will always carry the radiation from that relationship into other relationships, it is the waste product which will bring them down. I hope you can now see why fornication and promiscuity shouldn't be practiced.
    The principles of 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart' 'Do to others as you'd have them do you' and 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' also apply here. If you love the Lord you will obey his statutes and commandments, if you love your neighbour as thyself you will not go stealing other people's wives and girlfriends. If you do to others as you'd have them do you, as you wouldn't want someone having sex with your future wife and cheapening the bond you'll share or jeopardizing it you will not do the same to others. Remember it is never too late to repent from sin, turn from your wicked ways and ask God to make you whole, you may have to live with the consequences (medical care for STDs, child etc), but you will halt the damage and have a much more fulfilling life in the long run.
    As well as this there is always the risk of STDs and babies being brought into unstable relationships unable to hold them. As well as this cohabitation, which is basically living like a married couple without the agreement to stay together for life. There are tough times as a married couple so of course if you're not bound to a relationship if the going gets tough logic says you leave. Also when looking for a woman look past the looks (pun intended) and find yourself a good woman, who loves people, fears God and loves you rather than what you do for her, make sure she wants to have kids if you do, make sure she shares your values, her beliefs don't clash wish yours, there will be much less risk of divorce then. Do not rush into things and ask God's opinion and for His help, then you will not go wrong, a good woman is worth more than rubies.
    I pray this blesses someone in Jesus' name, Amen.

  19. Why on earth would a single person be happy for being invited to dinner or watching tv or anything else, out of charity?! Especially by couples?!! Single people don't need charity for being single. It's not a disability. If you really cherish them then don't humiliate them by showing pity for them and try to make them feel second class. Help people in need! The sick, the poor and who asks for your help! Helping someone who doesn't need it, is always out of self satisfaction. Don't do it!! It's very ugly, mean and hurtful for those you trying to 'help'!

  20. I'm single and I hate being around couples. Naturally, they become incredibly self important amongst each other and it being around that basically sucks . Even if you enjoy it, there's the inevitable "he enjoys being around you too much" bullshit that comes up. Couples should simply not invite single friends ever. Doesn't mean you hate them, or they should hate you, it's just that it's never ideal for all 3 people. ever.

  21. It is off on this you don't bring a single person into a marriage. Nope. a woman can be a woman friend when her hub is not around. It is off. Also you cannot be as close to god without a spouse. because you are not fulfilling Adam and Eves example and commanded to marry and replenish the earth. No pastor is perfect . He is way off on that part

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