It's Officially Cuffing Season | Being Single at Thanksgiving | Animated Story Time | iamblackinese


  1. I would love to bring someone to my family Thanksgiving but my female relatives nosey af and will search this person’s social media while my male relatives start asking them questions about their intentions with me. 😅😂

    I got someone who's interested in me, and I got to feel them out first before any immediate or extended family can meet them.

  2. I may have gotten this idea from watching way too many romantic comedies but have you considered getting a girl to pretend to be your girlfriend at Thanksgiving? You can probably find a fellow actor to go with you to your family's Thanksgiving and then later you can return the favor. Or you don't even need to pretend your together. My uncle's brought female friends to family gatherings before.

  3. I feel ya Ryan!! That's why I hate Chinese New Year when I have to face all the relatives and parents' friends being all judgemental about me being single … if there must be some problem about me. Well, I definitely don't see they're happier for being married or NOT single 🤨

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