Jokes About Being Single That Will Make You Laugh ... Then Cry


  1. Hang on a second! Let's analyze this for a moment. Some people get so lonely that they developed multiple personalities syndrome. The second personality might have been a girl. In his defense, I'll forgive him because while we see dude reflection in the car window as he was taking a picture of himself with the caption "my girlfriend always trying to sneak pics of me", that's the girl personality side of him doing it. Kinda weird ain't it?

  2. If you don't have a crush then say that your crush hates you which means nobody hates you!
    Which is true!
    Have a great day!!!
    Isn't it a bit ironic that at the end Azzy says "I love you all so much!" Bc of this vid

  3. 9:00 picky girls..i want him to be like that and that and that,….      also picky girls: have a new boyfriend every two months          Me…I want him to love me.       Also me: Forever single, never had a boyfriend, rn in love w my friend…and I dont have any chance…so my advice to all girls like me? Learn to be picky or you will end up like me…forever aloneXDDD

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