Lauren Daigle - speaking on Being Single


  1. LD don''t stop!!! wake up us dull minded who r missing HIS truth. please don't stop!!!
    ALL you women of God's fresh voice, PLEASE DON'T STOP in fact post more. The USA church is deluded. don't stop!

  2. I'm sure there are countless men that would love to marry Lauren Daigle. Hopefully she finds a good man. I'm not a believer, so that counts me out. 🙁

  3. Hey look if you think I'm being this way because I want to well if you would know me then you would think that way of me I love her more than anything in this world and want to be there for her and little one more then you can imagine ive have did all I can over this last two years to show my faithfulness always putting her on high and now I will be there but standing back so she can know if she wants me in her life or not all I went through has now gotten me almost completely insane and I'm just trying not to give up completely on myself and the ones thats believing in me GOD BLESS

  4. The comments on being in our own lanes is very much like Gods will for our lives . If we are focused on him we would have the security knowing that his will for our mate in the future. God already knows our hearts and he desires our hearts . So where should our focus be?

  5. Wow, that Lady is speaking the truth about the fantasy.. People feel like shame is meant for them.. People feel like their destined for doom.. But its the mind controle of the devil. 👎🏿

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