Magandang Buhay: Maja and Paulo on being single


  1. I think they're made for each other, not because they're opposites but because they're so real together, so relaxed and not at all pashowbiz. With other actresses, he seemed very quiet and shy, even with KC, unlike when he's with Maja. I didn't like her before, but because of how she and Paulo are together, I now like her.

  2. MAja sabihin mo na sa amin si dinidate mo sana ma guest din si coco sa magandang buhay kahit sino talaga lt ne maja bagay talaga sa kanya parang always ko mi click sa tao.. kaya idol kita maj eh

  3. They're both dating other people but not exclusively, as they said, they're both single. Let's wait for destiny to play it's part, I have a good feeling Maja and Paulo will end up together. πŸ˜‰

  4. pls pakiupload ung full video netong PauMaj pls pls..bgay n bgay kau wag neo ng pakawalan isat isa mawala pa swerte neo pls lng kau n lng..sna mgkaserye kau ulit.

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