Nicki Minaj REVEALS How Being Single Is Powerful & Talks Meek Mill Legal Struggles


  1. yall talkin bout eminem what about future and nas also?? ah think she not dating cause then dat would mean being in da spot light and right now she just not hot enough or poppin enough with music 2 b in da spot light just my opinion??

  2. Nicki Minaj ✋ I know you was Taking shots at cardi b you not better than cardi b it cardi b time Your time is over team cardi b and cardi b Give birth to her 👶 today and people still love cardi b more than you some of your friends is cardi b fans and cardi b baby look like her sorry but cardi b is still winning

  3. I actually highly respect Nikki for this. I know a metric butt-ton of people who can’t function without a relationship, and whenever one ends, will try anything to get back into one. By ending that cycle, Nikki kinda learned ya can’t live like that, and broke free, and that’s respectable.

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