Q+A: religion, being single, dating + post grad confusion


  1. wow, wow, wow i felt all of your responses in this video on a spiritual level (no pun intended) lol I'm 22, just graduated, working full time as a nurse and have been watching your videos since May. It's so inspiring seeing how confident you are making these big changes in your life for your own happiness! You don't need a guy to do that for you, you're already killing the game! Keep on rockin' on gf 🙂

  2. People who vlog and hide their significant others weird me out – it’s like an obviously huge chunk of their lives is missing and everyone knows it. Otherwise I don’t care, you don’t need to sit your significant other down and force them to do the relationship tags. Danielle def has a nice balance where he’s present in vlogs but not in her actual sit down vids – perfect for someone who doesn’t want a camera shoved in their face

  3. My opinion of where you should live in the future is get more bang for ur buck in Boston (wow alliteration) then travel to NYC when necessary!! Good luck with your decision tho girl (:

  4. Girl!! I highly recommend hinge if you try out any of the dating apps! I met my boyfriend of a year on there and let me tell you the hinge scene in Boston is A+ !!!

  5. Highly recommend birthright. I went to israel a couple summers ago and it completely changed my view of my Jewish identity, and it was also the best time of my life!!

  6. you are so honest! you shouldn't feel like you have to explain everything to us! i think you worry too much about explaining yourself to us and you shouldn't. love you!

  7. When it comes to sponsors I prefer it to be a brand you’ve used for a long time, not one where I can tell you’ve never heard of it until recently because you’ve never mentioned it in a single vlog previously so it’s clear it’s not a brand you know well enough to be recommending! That’s where they stop coming across as authentic to me at least. If it’s a brand you’ve mentioned in the past that you’ve purchased from previously, it’s so exciting that they’ve decided to work with you of course! But other than that it seems very disconnected and fake and is what’s driving me to unfollow and remove “influencers” I used to love and support. I don’t want to feel like your customer, I’ll go to a store if that’s the case.

  8. totally in the same boat with the post grad confusion, still applying for jobs and I feel like I've been looking for so long I don't know what I even want any more. one thing that has been helping me that a mentor mentioned was trying to not think of things all the time as a job I'm going to do forever or needing to know what my career will look like. She told me to try and identify skills I wanted to learn, find jobs I like that I'm not qualified for now and figure out how I could get there through what I'm doing know and what I would need to work on to fill the needs of that job. It's not 'the answer' that I think we are all looking for, but it really helped me feel less stressed about my job being the right one and needing to completely fulfill what I eventually want to be doing. (okay I'm done, but also could totally talk about this and confidence for hours bc seriously felt the same about my body for so long. still do but something happened this year and I'm just starting to feel more confident.)

  9. I feel like it can come across as suspicious if you like acknowledge your boyfriend on camera but never show him, if you’re gonna hide it, hide him to the extent that Keaton Milburn hid hers, we didn’t know she even had a boyfriend for two years. On the flipside, I personally prefer seeing relationships on camera like Gretchen and Max, I’ve been single for a longggg time and it gives me hope that I can have that

  10. I love you Brooke! I seriously just want to give you a big hug. I’m not quite old enough to be your mom, but maybe like an older sister. I’m proud of you! You are a strong young woman. There’s nothing wrong with figuring things out as you go. Hugs!

  11. I love how Danielle does it, not throwing him in your face, just mentioning him, and when he is on camera he's not shy and he seems like he's comfortable. I love Gretchen but sometimes I'm like ok, I subscribed for Gretchen, not a couples channel…

  12. i like how Danielle and Gretchen do it!!! Would not recommend the way Maggie does it, no hate or anything at all, just seems like she is hiding a huge part of herself and like her bf is not supportive of her idk

  13. Some constructive criticism. Stop saying your “lucky” to be able to do YouTube full time. You worked hard filming, editing, and building your business. It wasn’t luck, it was you. Lucky would have been you winning the lottery and quitting your job. Take ownership of how you got to this place!

  14. Senior citizen here. I started checking out some of these vlogs that my granddaughter likes to watch. I have been curious as to what she finds interesting. (She rolls her eyes at what I watch!) Anyway, it does break my heart to hear and read comments coming from young people about their insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. I guess it's par for the course- I do remember those days, as I had a few myself. Sometimes old-timers are not taken very seriously by younger generations, but we do have the benefit of experience behind us. Here's the most important lesson I've come away with: This, too, shall pass. Our lives are a continuous flow of change and learning- it never stops, so get used to it. When you get old, like me, you realize how much of your life was wasted worrying and fretting about things that will work themselves out over time. That zit on your chin will go away. If you're doing poorly in school, study harder. If you hate your job, you can look for another. If that guy you're dating is a jerk, dump him like a bad habit. There are other fish in the sea- you might just be looking in the wrong places.  I have found that the biggest advantage of growing old is that I no longer put so much stock in the opinions of others, so you have that to look forward to! The old saying is true… youth is wasted on the young. Best wishes to all of you young people out there trying to find your way in this world. Whenever you're feeling lost or ungrounded, tune in to a rerun of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Now there's a guy who had it together! (And please, refrain from rolling your eyes at me!)

  15. I love how grounded you are, to me you are still very relatable.

    For a relationship, it's fine to show a little bit here and there, just don't make it the center. I feel like it's not healthy for the relationship. Keep it between the two of you.

  16. idk why people are so critical of sponsored content— i am proud when I see my favorite youtubers getting spons! get that coin!combining their passions with business is inspiring (assuming these are brands that are ethical etc).

  17. I think you should give living in downtown Boston (Northend) / Southie a try! The vibe is much more your speed, and it is cheaper than NYC. I think you should give it a good try while you're here. It's a much younger vibe than Cambridge!

  18. I really love this video. So insightful but also glad you are keeping certain things about your life private. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on religion too! Also, I could see you moving out of Boston hahah but who knows I guess!

  19. I like how Danielle does it, couples are cute and it makes me happy to see other couples happy but tbh it makes the channel seem a lot less individualistic! also for birthright i def think you should go! i feel pretty much how you do about being jewish and this summer was my first time in israel. i haven’t been on birthright but i think you would have a lot of fun/it’s such a great summer spot to be in. in regards to the politics, i’ve heard they don’t really try to shove things down your throat and you can definitely decide what you want to take part in. they try to show you israel from all dif facets. great video❤️❤️

  20. Hey Brooke I love your honesty throughout this video in what you believe. I am a Christian and in your last couple videos I have seen how much happier you are and that you are at peace. I think God is working in your life and challenging you to new things! I will be praying for you to be encouraged and stress free. You are such a beautiful person and I love how you are so real and becoming more vulnerable. Thank you for being you and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you for the future. I know he is going to do amazing things.❤️

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