Selena Gomez Gets Real About Being Single


  1. Learn to care as much if you would care about your best friends!
    Care as much about yourself as you do care about others!

    And if you care about them a lot;
    Be that caring for you aswell!

  2. I stayed single for a year and a half and it was hard but i knew it would be worth it. Now i am engaged. So take as long as your need to heal from your past relationships and learn to love yourself again to rediscover yourself bc its worth it in the end. Its also good to manifest what you want in your next relationship.

  3. I'm ready for Selena to become a billionaire when her new makeup brand comes out this summer. She will end up being richer than Ariana, Demi, Miley, and Taylor combined. She deserves to have massive success and be the most successful person who ever lived. I can't wait for her to be WAY above the other pop girls.

  4. It’s hard to let go sometimes. Even harder if your ex is Bieber and the whole world is reminding you how they think y’all were perfect. Truth is if they were perfect he woulda never married Hailey in secret after two months of dating.

  5. Selena Gomez is a very special lady, but you can see that spark that she used to have in her eyes is gone! It's like the light she had has dimmed. Hope she finds someone to cherish her as she deserves! Shes's been through alot for young age.

  6. I’m really glad she’s not just jumping into a relationship bc Justin is. She’s very pretty, talented and a caring person. She deserves a great guy.

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